Stream The New MARS VOLTA Album!

The prog nerd in me is currently spazzing out in excitement. Rolling Stone is hosting an exclusive stream of the new Mars Volta album, Nocturniquet (March 26th). I will warn you that it is a departure from their earlier work and it may or may not divide the band’s fan base. But so far, I am really digging it. Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

-Lane Oliver

I Punched My Knuckles Bloody To The New HIGH ON FIRE Track

Spin is hosting an exclusive stream of the new High on Fire track, “Blood Knuckles”. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming full length, De Vermis Mysteriis, which is due out on April 3rd. This song just boiling with testosterone and bad attitude. If you don’t want to punch the person next to you while listening to this song then there is seriously something wrong in that feeble mind of yours. Check it out!

-Lane Oliver

The Devin Townsend Masturbation Plan: DTP Joined By Greg Puciato Live

The Devin Townsend Project was recently joined on stage by Greg Puciato for a performance of the song “The Mighty Masturbator” from DTP’s album Deconstruction. Greg Puciato is also featured on the studio version of the song. The footage below comes from March 5th at the Perth, Austrailia stop of the Soundwave Festival.

-Lane Oliver

ANYWHERE To Release Debut Album On ‘Record Store Day’

Anywhere is a fairly new project featuring Cedric Bixler-Zavala (Mars Volta),  Christian Eric Beaulieu (Liquid Indian) and Mike Watt (The Stooges) whose debut self titled full length will be released on Record Store Day (April 21st) The special Record Store Day release will be limited to 500 copies on 12″ aqua colored vinyl. A CD/Digital release will be released on May 14th. Below you can stream the title track from the upcoming record. It’s a psychedelic, acoustic driven song that I am sure Mars Volta fans will drool over. I know I did. Check it out below.

Thanks to The PRP for the update.

-Lane Oliver


Chicago powerviolence purveyors Weekend Nachos are set to tour the Western U.S. next month. Dead in the Dirt will be providing support for this trek. If you have a brain in your skull, you will go to one of these shows. Only to have that brain be crushed by powerviolence…violence. Check out the dates below:

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CONVERGE Frontman Is Set To Join NASUM Onstage


Holy fuck, yes, you read that title correctly. Fuckin Jacob Bannon of mother fuckin Converge will being joining the reunited (kind of) Nasum on stage one night for a few songs. According to a post on Bannon’s Facebook page, the vocalist will be doing a few songs with Nasum on May 22nd at club AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island.

I really hope someone is there to bootleg this considering it’s a one time thing. So if any of our readers live near Providence, you know what to do! I really really wish I could see this, but I guess I’ll just have to see Nasum at Chaos In Tejas.



— Josh Huddleston

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These Idols Are Tragic: PARADISE LOST See Honesty In Death With New Video

Metal legends Paradise Lost have released a new music video for the track “Honesty In Death” which comes off of the bands forthcoming Tragic IdolTragic Idol will see release on April 24th via Century Media Records and “Honesty In Death” marks the second track released by the band. The first being “Crucify.” From what I can tell from these two tracks, this album will fucking crush. I know I cannot wait to hear it. Check out the video below and enjoy.

Drowning In The Sea Of Waking Light: CHELSEA WOLFE’s Solo Performance of “Halfsleeper”

This year at SXSW, front women and song writer of the band that bares her name, Chelsea Wolfe, sat down to do a professionally filmed solo performance of the song “Halfsleeper“. “Halfsleeper” is a little different from some of her other material, in that it is an acoustic song. When I first saw the link to this, I was rather stoked because this is one of my favorite songs by Chelsea. I seriously can’t get over the heartfelt lyrics and the haunting vocal melodies.

This is hands down one of the best videos of her performing on the web. The video quality is great, and the audio quality is even better. Do yourself a favor and check this shit out.  <3

— Josh Huddleston

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Start Your Morning Off With Some Orange Juice: Who Wants To See EARL SWEATSHIRTS First Performance with OFWGKTA??


I guess there was some questions that needed addressing, huh? Like why has it taken this long for a video of Earl performing to hit the webz? Anywho, here we are, we finally can see what this child prodigy will be bring to the table as far as performances go.

The only downside to this video is the quality. I honestly can’t hear most of Earl‘s verse, however, I can still hear Tyler and Left Brain very clearly. So maybe it’s not the quality and it’s just that Earl was super nervous. I guess we will just have to wait until more videos surface to make a seriously judgment.


— Josh Huddleston

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Review: INVERLOCH – “Dusk… Subside”

Inverloch are a new band but its members are very well established. Half of this band is alumni of Disembowelment, the Australian doom legends. While these two acts feature similarities to one another, Inverloch is actually much darker and mystifying, I think. The band’s debut release Dusk… Subside starts off with the haunting melody of “Within Frozen Beauty” before a stunning display of buzzing riffing takes over. The beginning of this opening track might throw you off, seeing as a glimpse of outright brutality in the form of death metal tinged doom comes forth. This, excuse the pun, subsides for a bit before making a return later in the song. [Continue…]