Review: MESHUGGAH-“Koloss”

By Lane Oliver

It’s been roughly four years since Meshuggah’s last album, Obzen, was released. When talk of a new album in works surfaced last year, music critics and fans alike got excited; including myself. 2012 has brought us the release of Koloss, the new album from the revolutionary Meshuggah. It is fairly common for popular bands to receive an extreme amount of praise and hype whenever they cough up a new album. The question is, is Koloss all hype or a legitimately good release?

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COMPLETE Record Store Day Releases List Available

The complete list of special releases available on Record Store Day (April 24th) is now available online. Lots of good stuff will be released this year. Like the new Mastodon/Feist split 7″ or a limited edition colored LP of Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come? Yeah, you know you want it. Check out the full list HERE

-Lane Oliver

SIGUR ROS Announce New Details On Forthcoming Album

If you haven’t been embraced by the gorgeous sounds of Sigur Ros, I feel sorry for you. But now is the time to start! The band has announced the name of their upcoming full length. The new album will be called Valtari, which translates to “steamroller” in English and will be released on May 28th. The album will focus more on electronics and strings this time around. Check out the track list below and listen to the peaceful first single, “Ekki Múkk


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DEMON HUNTER Release New Lyric Video

Demon Hunter have released a new lyric video for their song “Dead Flowers” from their upcoming album True Defiance, which will be released on April 10th. Just like any Christian metal album, you need a sappy ballad. Demon Hunter ALWAYS have sappy ballads on their albums. So I don’t know what’s worse, the ballads or the alternative metal Jesus worshiping songs. Anyway, watch it below if you’re interested.

-Lane Oliver

EMMURE Release New Music Video

Emmure has release the new music video for their song “Protoman” from their upcoming album Slave to the Game, out on April 10th. Watch as the modern day Limp Bizkit performs in an arcade. This video provides plenty of lol worthy moments. Go watch it if you dare.

-Lane Oliver

WARBRINGER Release Rehearsal Footage

Warbringer has released some multi-camera rehearsal footage of the band performing “Future Ages Gone” from their most recent album, Worlds Torn Asunder. If you like this band then you will enjoy this little video. If not, prepare for a mediocre thrash metal song. But that’s just my opinion. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

ATTACK ATTACK! Release New Music Video

Attack Attack! have released the new video for their song “The Motivation”. It seems the band (at least judging by this song) has toned down their cheesy electronic pop elements a bit. Though you can still hear it in the chorus. But if you’ve heard one Attack Attack! song you have heard them all. It’s just “djent” worshiping riffs and corny electronics. But maybe some of you guys like them? I hope not. But anyway, here is the video.

-Lane Oliver

DYING FETUS Release New Album Trailer

Dying Fetus have released the teaser trailer for their upcoming album, Reign Supreme, which will see a release on June 19th. I’m sure it will just be another bland “bree-fest” like all of their albums were to me. But maybe they will prove me wrong this time. Check out the trailer below.

-Lane Oliver

Just A Little Resurrection: SKELETONWITCH Release New Music Video

Blackened filthmongers Skeletonwitch have released a new music video for the song “The Infernal Resurrection” which comes off of the bands recently released Forever Abomination which is available now via Prosthetic Records.The video just features the band playing live at a festival, so it’s nothing new really. It is a good video, though and this song is a fucking ripper. Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the video.

Soaring On Wings Of Death: ACEPHALIX Streaming New Track

It has been a while since I have heard anything from San Francisco deathcrusters Acephalix but I had an idea that the dudes were working on a new material. I fell in love with this band a while back when I listened to and fucking loved their last release Interminable Night, which totally fucking crushed. I caught wind of the band’s new album  when it popped up in my inbox over the weekend and after listening to it, my mind was fucking destroyed. The best part? The band is streaming a new track titled “On Wings…” over at CVLT Nation right now. Go stream this nasty slab of death metal and then come back and weigh in in the comments section. Enjoy. Deathless Master will be released on April 10th via Southern Lord Records.

Worst Morning Ever: KORNSTEP Release New Music Video.

Wow. I know some of you out there love this shit, so I say like what you like but I hate this shit. Kornstep have released a new music video that I literally made it twenty seconds in to. So, sorry I can’t inform you on what happens. Something about a cheesy businessman and a skateboarder colliding around the same time as a dubstep breakdown kicks in? Fuck it. Watch the video and I really hope today gets better musically.