DYING FETUS Release New Album Trailer

Dying Fetus have released the teaser trailer for their upcoming album, Reign Supreme, which will see a release on June 19th. I’m sure it will just be another bland “bree-fest” like all of their albums were to me. But maybe they will prove me wrong this time. Check out the trailer below.

-Lane Oliver

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One comment on “DYING FETUS Release New Album Trailer

  1. I’m actually very much looking forwards to this. I actually was introduced to this band through Metal Injection. Their intro is a part of “Opium of the Masses” was I found out. Their most recent album actually had a ton of refinement and didn’t feel as sporadic as the past albums. Even though progressive, intricate, and layered works of music and metal are what I generally am drawn to, you have to appreciate the prospect of music where “You’re Moshing” (as in the words of the great Sergeant D) which is why I am eagerly awaiting this.

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