TOUCHE AMORE Perform New Song Live

Touche Amore recently performed a new song live in Utrecht, NET. Fan filmed footage (good quality too!) surfaced of the song which you can view below. The song does not have a name at this time but it is expected to be released later this year according to the frontman in the video. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

Trevor de Brauw Of PELICAN Performs Solo Set In Chicago: Audio Available

Trevor de Brauw of the instrumental quartet Pelican recently performed a solo set at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL on the 25th. His set is a long piece purveying countless amounts of heavy distorted, warm and gorgeous sounding drones. This set is obviously inspired by his work in Chord. Check out the set below.

-Lane Oliver

MISERY SIGNALS Frontman Posts Instrumental MESHUGGAH Cover

Misery Signals frontman Karl Schubach has uploaded an instrumental cover of Meshuggah’s “Do Not Look Down” to his Soundcloud. It is a very, very faithful rendition in that it sounds 95% like the original. Listen below and check out the original.

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DEATH GRIPS Give Me The Fever: New Track + Video Released

That’s right, ANOTHER Death Grips song has been released with an accompanying video. The song is called “The Fever (Aye Aye)” and like all Death Grips tracks, it is uber obnoxious and catchy. I can’t be any more excited for this release than I am now. Watch the video below.

The Money Store will be released on April 24th via Epic.

-Lane Oliver

Space Wreckage Of Massive Proportions: BRENDAN SMALL’S GALAKTIKON Proves To Be Promising

I caught word of Dethklok‘s Brendan Small, the man behind the show and the music, working on new material that wasn’t Dethklok-fashion a while back and from just hearing about it I was definitely interested. I mean, if this new project sounds anything like Dethklok, I was going to love it. Well, Galaktikon is a bit different from Dethklok but not as much as you would suspect. Metal Injection says “it’s not necessarily metal, more hard rock, but still a fun catchy tune.” but I don’t really agree with this. Galaktikon is definitely metal. If you can call Nevermore metal, then you can call this metal.

It’s heavy and fast and aggressive. Actually, the music reminds me so much of Dethklok that I suspect this is what said band would sound like if they, for some reason, kicked Nathan Explosion out. So, you’ve got the sick riffs and nice, clean vocals; yeah, you’ve got me. I love this. Check out the song “On My Way” below. Shit rips. Brendan Small’s Galaktikon‘s debut is due out (I think) sometime in April.

it’s not necessarily metal, more hard rock, but still a fun catchy tune.

Phoenix Arise: TENACIOUS D Release New Music Video

Kyle Gass and Jack Black, the two psychopathic neanderthals behind Tenacious D are back in the game and are prepping the release of their new album Rize Of The Phoenix. The new album is due out on May 14th via Sony Records and the duo have released a new music video for their new song “To Be The Best.” It’s a strange video that is mostly compiled of what has happened to the band since their movie The Pick Of Destiny flopped. Lots of guest appearances. Some nice tunes and Tenacious D, bitches. Check out the video below and get pumped.