Review: THE LOVE BELOW – “Every Tongue Shall Caress”

As a longtime fan of The Love Below, I knew that when I finally got my hands on their new album Every Tongue Shall Caress that my mind would be blown from the get go. Fuck yes, I was absolutely right. Kicking the albums off is the ungodly anthem “High Friends In Low Places,” which is a fast, aggressive and mind-numbing forty-four second bastard. ”High Friends…” is followed up quickly by “Family Entertainment” which is a bass-driven, blistering track.  I love The Love Below’s strange take on hardcore. I mean, there really isn’t another band that sounds like them and I fucking love that fact.

The next two tracks, “Nazi Uniform,” “Buyers Remorse” and “God Don’t Make No Trash” are all pissed off, gnarly hardcore tracks that please me earholes immensely. After those tracks fly by, the filth and angst of sludge takes over The Love Below’s sound on the track “Uncomfortable”. This is a tune that I can get into, ladies and gentlemen. This is quickly shadowed by the sludgecore atmosphere that is present on “Rotten Fruit From A Shitty Tree.” God, help us all, this is fucking filthy.

“Holy Dose” and “Social Fuck Disease” both harness more of the hardcore element present at the beginning of this album however, the latter does contain some killer sludge parts. It’s also one of my favorite tracks on the album. After these, we get some nice bass-driven punishment in the form of “High Performance Lifestyle.” This track flies by faster than expected and we get transferred to the wild and whacky world of “Pedophiles Basement (Convalescence).” This track is a bitchin’ sludgemachine, bound to destroy some eardrums and possibly virgin vaginas. Coming in at over three-and-a-half minutes, this is the longest track on the album and it’s a beast.

As the track begins drawing to a close, we get one last brutal facemelter in the form of “Xanax Piñata” before kicking into the final track “Swallow The Leader” which opens with an epic, atmospheric section driven by crushing guitars. While there are a lot of hardcore elements on this track, I’d say that the sludge really takes over and that bass. That. Fucking. Bass. I love it. The driving riffing towards the end of the track might change my mind on where I stand on this songs classification, but for now I’ll keep my word. This fucking album is amazing. The Love Below have never let me down in the past and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting me down any time soon. Great work, dudes. Killer tunes.

Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Full Of Hell, Withdrawal, Homewrecker
Favorite track: “Nazi Uniform”, “Social Fuck Disease”
Label: A389 Recordings

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