Cattle Decapitation have released some studio footage from their upcoming album,  Monolith of Inhumanity, which will be released on May 8th. This will be the first of three installments of behind the scenes footage. This installment primarily focuses on Dave McGraw’s drum tracking. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

BADBADNOTGOOD To Release New Album Next Month!

The ever jazztastic BadBadNotGood will be releasing their second full length, BBNG2, on April 3rd. That’s just a few days away! I know you are just itching to get your hands on it. Watch the promo video below and listen to their cover of J. Dilla’s “Fall in Love”.

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Fall With Me: SAINT VITUS Streaming New Track

Legendary doom-sayers Saint Vitus are currently streaming a new track called “Let Them Fall” on Season Of Mist’s Facebook page and, holy shit. It’s beautiful. I absolutely love this band and I am seriously anticipating their forthcoming Lillie: F-65 which is due out on April 27th. This new track is the second released track from the album, the first being “Blessed Night,” which is available on iTunes here. This album is sure to be a destructive, classical doom masterpiece. Go check out the new track and then come back here to talk about it in the comments section.

Involuntary Convulsions: JUNGLE JUICE Reveal Album Artwork

Mi amigos from my homestate Jungle Juice have released the album artwork for their upcoming release Involuntary Convulsions. I love this artwork because it’s simple. It’s simple in the way that Kill The Client‘s Cleptocracy was simple (see here) you know? Just black and white, not a shit-ton of detail and just by looking at it, you know it’s gonna be fucking heavy. Check out the artwork above and stream Bastard Sessions below.

Exclusive Premiere: HIROSHIMA VACATION’s “Overachiever”

The dudes in Hiroshima Vacation are fucking destructive. Their vicious grindviolence has pleased my ears ever since Andrew over at Operation Grindcore introduced me to them. Vii Caso, one of the two brothers that make up Hiroshima Vacation, writes for Operation Grindcore now and he and I have had a few conversations over the last few weeks. Hell, the dude even did guest vocals on one of my band’s tracks. He’s a killer dude and I am stoked that I have been given the opportunity to premiere a new track from the band!

This new track comes off of Hiroshima Vacation‘s upcoming split with Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (the band formed by Mike Stitches of Thousandswilldie) and it’s a fucking beast. Fifty-eight seconds of in-your-face brutality. A release date for the track has yet to be established, but Vii did tell me that it will be released on cassette through Sweet Stash Records. Check out “Overachiever” below and bang your fucking head.