Exclusive Premiere: HIROSHIMA VACATION’s “Overachiever”

The dudes in Hiroshima Vacation are fucking destructive. Their vicious grindviolence has pleased my ears ever since Andrew over at Operation Grindcore introduced me to them. Vii Caso, one of the two brothers that make up Hiroshima Vacation, writes for Operation Grindcore now and he and I have had a few conversations over the last few weeks. Hell, the dude even did guest vocals on one of my band’s tracks. He’s a killer dude and I am stoked that I have been given the opportunity to premiere a new track from the band!

This new track comes off of Hiroshima Vacation‘s upcoming split with Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (the band formed by Mike Stitches of Thousandswilldie) and it’s a fucking beast. Fifty-eight seconds of in-your-face brutality. A release date for the track has yet to be established, but Vii did tell me that it will be released on cassette through Sweet Stash Records. Check out “Overachiever” below and bang your fucking head.

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