DAVID LYNCH Releases New Music Video

David Lynch has directed (obviously) a new music video for the title track off his album Crazy Clown Time. The dark and twisted song is accompanied with an equally dark and twisted video that depicts a psychotically intense backyard party. The video definitely has Lynch’s signature oddness that I have come to love. Check out the video (NSFW by the way) below and be sure to listen to Crazy Clown Time ASAP.

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A Place to Bury Strangers have announced that they will release a follow up to February’s Onwards to the Wall EP. This latest endeavor will be entitled Worship and will see a release on June 26th. Below is the track list and the first single from the album, “You Are the One”. I am pretty stoked for this release.

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JOB FOR A COWBOY Streaming New Song

Job For a Cowboy are streaming a new track called “Imperium Wolves” over at Guitar World. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album, Demonocracy, due out on the 10th. The song has some pretty good riffs and licks but I can’t really get into it personally. But what do you think?

-Lane Oliver

Subjected To DYING FETUS: New Lyric Video Released

Dying Fetus have released a lyric video for their new song “Subjected to a Beating”, which will appear on their upcoming album Reign Supreme (June 19th). The song is pretty much what you expect from Dying Fetus at this point. Loads of guttural vocals and chugging riffs. I personally don’t care for it, but you might. Watch it below.

-Lane Oliver

Learn To Shred: Chris Arp From PSYOPUS Wants To Teach You The Art Of Shred


What if I told you I knew a way to help you become like a bajillion times better at guitar? Since I personally know all of you, I know you guys would be all like ” I dunno, Josh. I’m not sure if that’s even possible or worth the effort.” and then I’d be all like “C’mon, bro. It’s now pretty fuckin easy thanks to Arpmandude“. Okay, now that I have you convinced of just how easy it will be, I know you are thinking “who the fuck is Arpmandude??”…

Well Arpmandude is the alias of the former guitar wizard of Psyopus. Seriously, the dude is retarded on guitar and has just released a 2 hour-long instructional DVD which you can order it here. Buy it, I know I will be…

Thanks for checking out my first instructional DVD addition to my EXPLODING FINGERS series for guitar. I am sooo excited about this video . This is exactly what I wish I had when I started playing guitar. For the price of a single professional guitar lesson I have put together two hours of instruction. tiT is jam packed with SO MANY avant garde stradegies for metal guitar. This instructional video is geared to inspire metal musicians towards innovation. The video covers the subjects of:





— Josh Huddleston

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Hardcore Favorites: TRASH TALK Are Recording A New Album


Aye, this post is dedicated to all the kids without a twitter account because had you had one, you’d be one step a head of the game by knowing that hardcore band Trash Talk are currently in the studio. According to their Twitter it looks like they may be almost done recording too.

There is currently no info available on their new release. I have no clue when it’s coming out or if it’s going to be an EP or what, but I’ll keep you guys informed. One last thing, stop by Trash Talk‘s merch store and pick something up, the dudes just got their van stolen.



— Josh Huddleston

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Bumpin Oldies: OFWGKTA Release Music Video For “Oldie”


Aight, so I am a little late on this one. Last week or the week before that hip hop collective OFWGKTA released a video for the song “Oldie” off of their recently released OF Mixtape Vol. 2. First things first, the video is an impromptu performance of the track at a photo shoot. It’s pretty fucking rad cause it’s almost like a behind the scenes look turned music video. Even though OF isn’t serious ever, it’s cool to see a non scripted moment of the kids just having some fun.

Oh, and did I mention that not only is Earl Sweatshirt in the video, but  in it he drops the sickest verse of the entire album. I’m stoked that he is back, check it out.



— Josh Huddleston

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“Just A Game Of Tetris…”: OBLIVIONIZED + HUMAN CULL Tour Mini-Documentary Posted

Last month Oblivionized and Human Cull went on a tour of the UK and Zac Broughton (vocals for Oblivionized) filmed not only the bands live performances but also a lot of wild, cooky and hilarious moments that occurred when the band was off of the stage. This video was sent to me yesterday by Zac and I fucking love it. My initial statement when hearing Edd Robinson’s (of Human Cull) talking voice for the first time: “Woah. With a voice like that, this dude needs to be in action movies!” Check out the Tour Documentary below and pick up Oblivonized‘s new promo on Grindcore Karaoke here and Human Cull‘s new release Split Second Extinction here. Grind on.