By Lane Oliver

BadBadNotGood made a name for themselves last year with the release of their stellar album BBNG as well as the surfacing of footage of them playing with Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator. The hip-hop influenced jazz trio has released the follow up to BBNG, aptly named BBNG2, early last week. If you couldn’t get into BBNG then BBNG2 may convert you into a BadBadNotGood fanboy in no time.

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JUSTIN BROADRICK Releases Another JK FLESH Promo Edit

Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu) has released yet another promo edit of a track from his upcoming JK Flesh release Posthuman (April 30th). This track is called “Punchdrunk” and is a loud, noisy, white noise laden doom industrial track that sounds like if Neurosis had a baby with Merzbow and then tortured it with Godflesh’s Streetcleaner. In other words, it sounds awesome. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

Cold And Frozen Landscapes: THE HOWLING WIND Release Studio Footage

American black metal act The Howling Wind have been in the studio working on their new album Of Babalon. The album is being recorded by Colin Marston (Krallice, Behold… The Arctopus) at The Thousand Caves and, just by the clips I’ve heard in the video, the bands new music is sounding great. I cannot wait to get my paws on this slab of black filth. Check out the video below and view a photo gallery here. No release date has been set for the album yet.

Embalmed Before Death: SIX FEET UNDER Release New Track, Album Art & Track Listing

Death metal legends Six Feet Under, led by former Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes, is preparing to release their next unholy slab of death and gore in the form of Undead, which will see released via Metal Blade Records on May 22nd. I’ve heard a few tracks from the album already and it sounds very promising. The band is leaning much more towards straight-up death metal and further away from the death ‘n roll sound they have utilized previously. The band have just released the first track from Undead titled “Formaldehyde” and it’s a crusher for sure. Along with the track, the band has unveiled the album art and the track listing. You can check the song and the artwork below and the track list after the jump. Enjoy.


Review: IMPIETY- “Ravage & Conquer”

2012 has been a very solid year for metal in my view, but there have been seldom few that almost came close to hitting the perfect mark for me, most notably new releases from Asphyx and Cannibal Corpse. But we come across something that may end up topping them both for me, and that is the latest full length from Singapore based blackened death metal trio Impiety.

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Review: ACEPHALIX- “Deathless Master”

Well i’m not gonna lie, from time to time I like a litle bit of crustiness in my death metal, so when I heard about the new album from San Francisco based quartet Acephalix, I was pretty excited. And Deathless Master seems to take the sound that this band originally carried, and infused a legitimate death metal feel to it.

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