ICEAGE Announce New Tour

Danish post-punk purveyors Iceage have announced a new tour. The trek will make stops in Europe and North America including stops at Austin’s Chaos in Tejas festival and Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival. If you haven’t heard their album New Brigade I suggest you get a jump on that. Check out the dates below as well as some choice cuts from New Brigade.

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AESOP ROCK Releases New Song

Alternative hip-hop heavyweight Aesop Rock will release his first solo record in five years, Skelethon, on June 10th. Pitchfork have premiered a track from the upcoming effort entitled “Zero Dark Thirty” and it absolutely kills. With a flawless flow and colorful and abstract lyrics, it is hard not to love. Check it out and be prepared to jam out!

-Lane Oliver

Stream The New ÆGES Record

ÆGES (Pelican, etc) will release their debut album The Bridge on the 17th through The Mylene Sheath. For those who cannot wait you are in luck. has the entire album available for streaming as we speak. The only catch is that you have to sign up on the site. It’s free though so don’t freak out. Go listen now!

-Lane Oliver

JUNIUS Release New Music Video

Junius have released a music video for their song “Betray the Grave” off of last year’s Reports from the Threshold of Death. This powerful song is set to a group of nomadic ritualistic peoples transporting a body across a desert. The video is a little boring in my opinion but the song and the album it comes from is phenomenal. Fans of later Isis material and Deftones should get a kick out of it.


-Lane Oliver

Watch CURSIVE’s New Music Video has premiered the new video for Cursive’s song “This House Alive”. The song is taken from their most recent conceptual album I Am Gemini that is definitely worth a listen. The video shows two twin brothers hunting each other down in the middle of winter. But by the end of it, you are going to wander what actually happened. It’s not the best video  in the world but it is worth a viewing. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

I’ve Seen Death Grips Release Another New Song

Death Grips have released the fifth track from their upcoming album The Money Store, out on the 24th. The track is called “I’ve Seen Footage” and is a little tamer than the other songs they have put out so far. There is less emphasis on crazy effects this time around and showcases a simple old school hip-hop beat and a repetitive, catchy chorus. It’s definitely not abrasive like their other material but after awhile it does grow on you. It’s certainly not awe inspiring but it’s a decent little track. Listen to it below.

-Lane Oliver

Review: JEFF LOOMIS- “Plains Of Oblivion”

When it comes to the landscape of the sound that is modern metal, there are only a few names that I can think of, but at the top of the list for me comes one musician, and that is Jeff Loomis. His guitar work is pretty much the stuff of legend in my book, and his time with Nevermore has brought forth some incredible songs and moments. But seeing as how that phase of his career is behind him, its only best he returns to his solo work and with Plains Of Oblivion, he continues his path into greatness.

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Review: EXUMER- “Fire & Damnation”

Has it really been 25 years since German thrash metal band Exhumer released a full length album? That’s a question I seem to ask myself a lot as soon as I heard that Metal Blade Records was going to issue their third full length Fire & Damnation. I’m a sucker for German thrash so it gave me just a hint of anticipation.

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In The Presence Of A Lifestalker: CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Song

Californian deathgrind outfit Cattle Decapitation, who will release their new album Monolith Of Inhumanity on May 8th via Metal Blade Records has just released their second single from the album. This new track is titled “Lifestalker” and it fucking destroys. Fast and pissed off from start to finish with a few twinges of stuff we haven’t heard before from the band, the melodic clean vocals being the main point, and it’s just fantastic. The track is currently streaming over at Metal Hammer. Go check it out and then come back here and tell us what you think.

Bummer Alert: MUMAKIL To Cancel Tour, Hold Off On Recording New Album

Yes, it is true. Mumakil, the extraordinary Swiss grind band has been forced to cancel their upcoming tour and postpone the recording of their new album due to unforeseen circumstances. A few hours ago Mumakil posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Unfortunately, we have to cancel everything (recording + tour) here’s the situation:

Last Thursday we started to record drumtracks for our new album. After few hours, Seb suddenly felt a deep pain in his right wrist, affecting the whole arm. He could’nt play any longer and wasn’t able to hold a drumstick.

After a visit to the hospital, the diagnostic is carpal tunnel syndrome. No short term treatment except taking rest, stop drumming and other activities for 2-3 weeks.

This is really painful and impossible for Seb to play.

We really dont want to give up the tour. But we have no choice. We have to give up both recording and tour. Sorry guys.

See you soon.

This sucks, but hopefully after Seb recovers the band will be able to continue recording their new album, which is one that I am highly anticipating. Check out a stream of Behold The Failure below to bide the time until the band can continue recording.

As Read In Prophecy: BRENDAN SMALL’S GALAKTIKON Releases Third Single

April has been a busy month for Metalocalypse creator Brendan Small. In the last few weeks he has released two tracks from his new project Brendan Small’s Galaktikon (here and here) and now we are being graced with yet another new offering, this time in the form of “Prophecy Of The Lazer Witch” which has just premiered over at Alternative Press. This song, while not being as extremely heavy as the previous too, is very catchy and still sounds great.

I can’t wait to hear this album in it’s entirety. Bring it on. Go check out “Prophecy Of The Lazer Witch” and then come back here and talk about it in the comments section. Brendan Small’s Galaktikon‘s debut release is coming out on April 24th and the 4th season of Metalocalypse is premiering on April 29th. Yes!