Review: SARCOPHAGY- “The Summoning”

Are you a death metal fan that craves some brutality with an old school feel to it? Then look no further then the debut album from death metal quintet Sarcophagy as they punish you with The Summoning. Apparently this band has been around since 1993 but its taken them quite a while to get this project off of the ground. But the fine folks at Sevared Records backed this up, and now its out for the death metal masses.

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Eighteen Is A Magic Number: SIX FEET UNDER Posts New Track

I posted about a new track by Six Feet Under not too long ago and I really, really dug it and now the band has released another new one. This track reminds me more of the band’s older material than their last track, but it’s still heavy and fucking destructive. I like it. You can stream the track over at Guitar World and then come back here and leave a comment about what you think of it. Undead will be released on May 22nd via Metal Blade Records.

Hipster Holocaust: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF Streaming New Track

Remember when I told you people that Captain Cleanoff were working on new material? Well, you should because it’s fucking amazing news. Well, if you were happy about learning that, then you will be really excited to learn that Captain Cleanoff is streaming a new track called “Hipster Holocaust.” This track is a brutal, ravenous grinding masterpiece and it only makes me want to hear more. You can check out the track over on ReverbNation. Check it out and enjoy.

Slaves To Substance: Some Kid Watches The New SUICIDE SILENCE Video While Killing Zombies Or Something

So just when we think all is quite on the Suicide Silence front, we get a new video. Not really sure what the end result of this video is, as I stopped watching it. I will agree with Axl over at Metal Sucks that the video is well made, what I saw of it at least. Check it out below, or don’t. I don’t care.