MOGWAI To Score Upcoming Hudson River Project Film

Scottish post-rock band Mogwai are set to score an upcoming film from director Anthony Crook. The film is titled the Hudson River Project and was penned by cyclist James Bowthorpe. The film will follow Bowthorpe as he creates a vessel out of garbage from the streets of New York and attempts to row it down the Hudson River. A strange premise I know, but all I care about is the amazing music it will feature. Check out the trailer and the project’s Kickstarter page.

-Lane Oliver

DEATH GRIPS Release New Music Video

Death Grips have released their new music video for their song “I’ve Seen Footage”. The video is composed of a plethora of single frame shots, mostly of the band, that are rapidly displayed. I dare you to watch it and not get dizzy. Their solid new record The Money Store will be released on the 24th.

-Lane Oliver

Stream TORCHE’s New Album!

Torche’s Harmonicraft will be released next week on the 24th. I know you’re all excited for it, right? Well if you can’t wait that long, has got you covered with an exclusive stream and track by track rundown from bassist Jonathan Nuñez’. This record, like all of Torche’s records, is extremely catchy. Poppy melodies and crushing riffs combine to create a really fun listening experience. Yes, I said fun. Go check it out!

-Lane Oliver

THE CHARIOT Title New Album

Chaotic hardcore veterans The Chariot have assigned a title to their upcoming full length. In a recent interview (can be viewed below) frontman Josh Scogin revealed that the new record will be titled One Wing and that recording for the outing will take place in the coming weeks. The band will be aiming for an August release for the US. The Chariot have always stuck true to their chaotic roots and have yet to disappoint me yet. I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy.

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Review: MUNICIPAL WASTE- “The Fatal Feast”

Its been about three years since Virginia based party thrashers Municipal Waste came out with their foutth full length Massive Agressive, which in all honesty was my first real introduction to this band. Their blending of humor, politics, gore, shlock, and sleaze pretty much peaked my interest which led me to this bands ealier material, notably Waste ‘Em All and The Art Of Partying. Its nothing I took overly seriously or considered too hard hitting, but I though it was decent.

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Troll School 101: VEIL OF MAYA & MISHA MANSOOR Troll YouTuber

So, apparently musicians actually watch YouTube. Who woulda thunkit? Apparently some of those musicians are Veil Of Maya and Misha Mansoor (of Periphery) because, in regards to an ignorant YouTuber, they have released a track titled “Punisher” which features a pretty epic troll of this dude. Also worth noting, the dude calls their style “duh-jent” which, I’m assuming, makes him a duh-tard. Check out the YouTube video here and check out the Misha-produced Veil of Maya track below. Tune in around the 2:00 mark for lulz.