Fuck Wonderland, My Body IS A Well: CODE ORANGE KIDS Release New Music Video

We have talked about Code Orange Kids on here before, I know we have. I’m just too lazy to go back and figure out where that was. It’s been a while, I know that. These dudes fucking crush and they have been hard at work on some new shit that has been pressed into the form of a split 7″ with the great Full Of Hell. The split is available now here and Code Orange Kids also recently released a Max Moore-directed music video for their song “My Body Is A Well,” which you can see at the top of this post. Check it out and fucking destroy. You can download their 2011 release Cycles for free in the widget below.

Straight To The Point: DEPHOSPHORUS / WAKE Split 7″ Review

Two names that should be synonymous with grindcore in 2012 are Dephosphorus and Wake. Unfortunately this is not the case because these names do not reach far enough in today’s press circuit. But, fuck. They deserve it. Both of these bands are fucking phenomenal and they  both absolutely crush their respective sides on the new split 7” that they are putting out on 7 Degrees Records. I was so stoked to get this split because I have loved both of these bands for quite some time. I knew that this would be a premiere split to check out this year and boy, was I right. [Continue…]

In The Flesh: Download A Free Prosthetic Records Live Sampler

Scion AV has been doing monthly record label showcases and they have hosted shows for the labels Relapse Records, Nuclear Blast Records and Prosthetic Records. Well, a free live sampler from the Prosthetic Showcase is now available here and it’s pretty fucking cool. The main thing that got me about this is the inclusion of two of my favorite Holy Grail tracks (“Call Of Valhalla” and “Crisis In Utopia”).

The only other band that I was immediately familiar with on this sampler was Last Chance To Reason, although I was vaguely familiar with what Scale The Summit were, music-wise. The Greenery are a pretty odd band but you guys know me, I like weird shit. Might take some time and check this band out some time. Any way, check out the sampler and download dat bisch.