Album Cover Aftermath: Can You Name The Album Covers? Win Prizes! [WILD HUNT Edition]

Hello there, Aftermathletes. How are we all doing this fine Tuesday? I know my that some of you might have noticed that my posts have been lacking as of lately, this is due to me working on a project, but this is not the point of this post. No. The point of this post is to inform you that you all have a chance to win a copy of the new release from Wild Hunt! Wait, you don’t know who Wild Hunt is? Then you are seriously missing out because this wild and whacky band is not one to sleep on. [CONTINUE FOR CONTEST DETAILS]

It Ain’t Nothin’: Operation Grindcore Stream Unreleased NOISEAR Track

I love me some Noisear. Dorian and the guys are a big influence on my own musical endeavors, mainly because I know I will never sound as good as them, but the shit is still dope. Mi amigo VII over at Operation Grindcore is currently streaming a nice little ditty by Noisear. According to the post, this track is not slated to be released on any future releases was recorded as a one-off back in December.

Noisear will be releasing a split with Department Of Correction in May via Power It Up and a split with The Kill and Antigama some time in the future. Check out the track below thanks to VII, Andrew and OpGrind.