Are you a fan of filth and depravity? Dark and encompassing crusty black metal? Then this new split by Texas band Cara Neir and New Hampshire band Ramlord. This split completely destroys and both bands kill every single track. I got my hands on this album the other day and I love it. Definitely year-end list material. Definitely. Read on to check out my review of the Cara Neir/Ramlord split.

When it comes to crust-fueled black metal, few bands do it better than Cara Neir. Fresh out of the box, the new tracks from the bands split with Ramlord are pure evil and devastatingly brutal. “Family Dirge” is full of filthy, chaotic guitar work on one hand and on the other soft, subtly acoustic parts ushering in blackgaze elements towards the end. “Cradled By Apathy” comes right back with a vicious, dark entry that punishes as well as soothes. It’s dissonant, misanthropic guitar work also conveys a lighter, harmonic element to it. This band, if I may say so, is a walking, talking oxymoron. Their black metal beauty is perfectly complimented by their shoegaze-crust tendencies. “Wilted Blue” signifies the end of side A of this release, but it doesn’t leave anything behind but the remains of a beautifully articulated musicianship. Dark but not distraught atmosphere hovers over this track from the minute it opens. The guitar work is very interesting, adding even more to this atmospheric beast and making it quite a quandary as to where this band will go next. From the crushing brutality to the soft, mesmerizing lines, I love this band, this track and this side of the album all together. Cudos, Cara Neir.

Ramlord’s side of this split is one track which ultimately times out to just over ten minutes. “Affliction of Clairvoyance” starts off as a crusty, slow-moving blackened slab of mind-altering filth. Well, I think that pretty much sums up this side of the split. However, Ramlord have even more to offer when they burst in with their fast, aggressive sludgy crust. These vocals are harsh and crushing, two qualities that I find very, very enticing. The blackened grind segment of this track really puts a me in a flurry of blasting mastery. Much like Cara Neir, Ramlord have a lot to offer and they never disappoint and you never know what’s going to come about next. Brilliance. Fucking brilliance. Amazing work.

Rating: 10/10
For fans of:  Young And In The Way, Vestiges, Welkin Dusk
Label: Broken Limbs Recordings

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