MY BLOODY VALENTINE Release Previously Unreleased Track and Reissue Discography

On May 7th, My Bloody Valentine’s albums Loveless and Isn’t Anything will be reissued along with a collection of EP’s from 1988-1991. You can check out pictures of the packaging below as well as listen to a previously unreleased song, “Good for You”,  that will appear on the EP collection. Let’s hope that the band actually comes through with new material soon. One can dream right?

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THE MEN Recording New Album

The Men are busy little punkers! They just released their third full length Open Your Heart back in March and they have already begun booking studio sessions for a new album. They will also be booking a extensive summer tour so be on the look out for dates. This band have yet to disappoint me so I am anxious to see what they do on this new record.

-Lane Oliver

CATTLE DECAPITATION Release More Studio Footage: String Edition

Cattle Decapitation have released more studio footage from their upcoming album Monolith of Inhumanity, out on May 8th. This ten and a half video focuses on the band recording bass and guitars for the album. Watching Josh Elmore shred like a maniac is absolutely mind blowing. Check it out below.

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Boner Alert: CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH To Release Split 7″


Commence pants shitting my dear readers because Deathwish Inc. has just announced that motherfucking Converge and motherfucking Napalm Death are preparing to release a split 7″ / digital EP! As of now, there is no release date for the split yet, however I can tell you that it will consist of two songs by each band.

The Napalm Death side will feature a traditional grind assault titled “Will By Mouth” as well as a slower, more doomier track titled “No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)” which is about the Union carbide gas plant explosion in India (if you don’t know about this, read up, shit is fucked). The Converge side will feature one of the new songs that the band has been playing live, “No Light Escapes”, and a collaborative cover of the Entombed (LULZ as if Deathwish hasn’t paid enough homage to Entombed lately) classic “Wolverine Blues”.

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Nu Jamz: WHITECHAPEL Premiere Nu Song Entitled “Hate Creation”

Earlier today everyone’s favorite (lol) Jack The Ripper themed nu death band, Whitechapel, released Hate Creation off of their upcoming self-titled Metal Blade release. The track is a little different but not a full on departure from their prior material. To many listeners surprise the track only has ONE breakdown and they don’t even do a cut time break to make it even more br00tal.

Generally, I would consider that a step in the right direction, however, it seems like Whitechapel is still gonna bust so Nu riffs and do some killer whispering to screaming vokillz… Listen to the track and “DRIVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND CHOKE”. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to leave a comment trying to explain why nu metal shit is coming back cause I don’t get it….

— Josh Huddleston

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American Thrash Aftermath: BONDED BY BLOOD Streaming New Track

I got into Bonded By Blood a while back when the Californian thrashers crossed my radar and i really dug their brand of thrash. Their tunes border straight up thrash and crossover but keep a unique sound that is all them. The band is planning to release their new album Aftermath on Earache Records on July 3rd. You can check out the new track “Repulsive” below. It’s a pretty stellar track. Enjoy.

Buried By Pressure: CHIMAIRA Release New Lyric Video

I haven’t listened to Chimaira in a long time. I mean, seriously. This is actually the first new material I have listened to by the band from The Age Of Hell recordings. At first, I didn’t think it was too bad. I mean, it’s not amazing but I have listened to a lot worse. I still don’t think this will convert me into a Chimaira fan, but if you’re interested, you can check out the lyric video for “Losing My Mind” below. The Age Of Hell is available now.

The Fruits Of Pain: ENTHRALLMENT Release New Music Video

There are two types of music videos that I enjoy: the kind that tells a story through the eyes of a centralized character and the kind that just features the band in a dark environment, completely destroying. Well, Enthrallment, Bulgaria’s death metal crushers have released a new music video that falls into that second category. I’ve actually listened the this band’s last album and I liked it a lot. This track fucking kills and the band plays it very well in the video for “Fruits of Pain and Blue Sky.” Check out the video below and pick up People From The Lands Of Vit, out now on United Guttural Records.

Review: The Decibel Magazine Tour 4/29/2012

This past Febuary, like so many others around the time ticket sales were announced, I purchased a ticket to The Decibel Magazine Tour. This tour was full of so many heavy hitters in the underground metal scene, Swedish NWOBHM revivalists In Solitude, Dutch occult rockers The Devil’s Blood, Swedish black metal masters Watain, and Polish black/death powerhouse Behemoth. If there was ever a tour to boast high quality acts, this was it. Would this be worth it and then some?

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