Review: UNSANE-“Wreck”

By Lane Oliver

The 90’s were a breeding ground for a cavalcade of noise rock, post-hardcore and alternative metal acts such as The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Melvins and Unsane. The latter of which has been crushing ear canals since their inception. Unsane have returned this year with Wreck, the follow up to 2007’s Visqueen. After being around for quite some time one must wonder if Unsane have lost any of their steam?

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OLD MAN GLOOM Announce New Record!

It’s true! Old Man Gloom will release their new album NO on June 26th! You better get excited. Even better, the band will have advance copies available at their upcoming shows! So if you are going to one of the shows below, be a dear and get me a copy! Check out the dates and a fifteen second album trailer below. OMG will conquer 2012.

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No, Dig No: Earache Records Signs ESKIMO CALLBOY

I know deathcore has been a huge seller for record labels over the last few years. That’s all good and well, but when electronica-inspired mallcore starts crossing borders and entering lands where they don’t belong, that where the line needs drawn. No, I’m not bitching about Sumerian Records (this time) and their constant signing of questionable bands (Make Me Famous? Sirrusly?).

No, this time my beef is with the legendary Earache Records. Earache, the label that has been called home to bands like Napalm Death, Anal Cunt, Bolt Thrower and many, many more, has now signed one of the most questionable acts in the history of extreme music: Eskimo Callboy. Reported today by Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Earache’s owner Digby recently tweeted that Eskimko Gayboy would be releasing their album through the label. Bummer. I’m still hoping this is a joke, but you never know in today’s world… God help us

Axe Ov God: GOROD Release Music Video For “The Axe Of God”

Ahhhhhh, waking up to a fat bong bowl and finding a new Gorod video is one of the best ways to start your daze (days?). I don’t really have too much to say other than Gorod is one of the few bands in Technical Death Metal that still excites me. Check out the video for The Axe Of God off of their newest album “A Perfect Absolution” now!

P.S. The second solo is performed by Michael Keene (The Faceless)



— Josh Huddleston

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The ones of you who have seen The Black Dahlia Murder live in the past month or two may have noticed the absence of one Ryan ‘Bart’ Williams. Basically Bart decided he was over the tour life and has decided to step down from slappin’ da bass. Don’t fret though, fanboys! Bart will actually continue to contribute riffs to BDM and is going to co-produce their next album.

When the news of Barts departure first broke many fans were left wondering who would fill the void. Well, BDM are proud to announce the arrival of Max Lavelle (formally of Despised Icon). Continue after the jump to read the official statement from the band as well as a video explaining the change and welcoming the new blood. Peep it –

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From The Tomb Of Caligvla: EX DEO Release Album Trailer

The Roman-themed Canadian death metal act fronted by Maurizio Iacono (of Kataklysm fame), Ex Deo has released a trailer for their forthcoming release Caligvla, which will be hitting the streets on August 31st. August 31st is a special date for the band because it just so happens to be the actual Caligula’s 2000th birthday. So yeah. The trailer doesn’t give a lot of musical detail pertaining to the actual crushing death metal brutality that the band offers until the end. I can take that little piece as evidence that this album will destroy. Check out the teaser below. Enjoy and get pumped.

Behold The Dangertits: Stream BRENDAN SMALL’S GALAKTIKON Right Now

I have been jizzing all over Brendan Small’s Galaktikon for a while now and I am so fucking stoked that I can now stream the album in it’s entirety and so can you! That’s right! The good people over at Technorati are streaming the whole motherfuckin’ thing. It’s absolutely amazing. Well, if you’re into this shit, it’s amazing. Stream the album below and then head over to Technorati and tell them Thank you. Jesus fuck! Galaktikon came out Sunday, so pick that fucker up!

Wes Side Triathalon: Landmine Marathon To Release New 7″

I had heard rumors of the amazing Landmine Marathon releasing a new 7″ some time this year, but I wasn’t 100% sure on details. Well, while I still don’t have very many details on the 7″, we do now have the album artwork for it. The artwork is pretty killer, which is why it came as a surprise to me that Wes Borland (of Limp Bizkit fame) did the artwork. Yeah, I know. The guy actually made a good decision for once. Check out the artwork below. MetalSucks is assuming that this will be released during this tour which makes sense. Can’t wait. Cannot fucking wait.