Past Grippin: MC RIDE Of DEATH GRIPS Previous Material

Oh shit, thanks to some homies on the webz I have found some music videos of MC Ride‘s (Stefan Burnett) projects prior to Death Grips. The first one up is a video of Burnett walking through the woods, smoking trees, and rapping under the name of MxlPlx. Although the flow isn’t intense at all, You can kind of see how some of the ideas behind the ambiance of DFGRPZ came into fruition –

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Texas post-rock band Explosions in the Sky will be taking their beautiful music on the road for a new tour. The trek will make various stops in the US as well as some European festivals and the Fugi Rock Festival in Niigata, Japan. Zammuto will be providing support on various dates. Check out the dates below and be enveloped in sonic gorgeousness by “Yasmin the Light”.

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U Mad, Bro?: Scott Vogel Of TERROR Isn’t Feelin’ The REFUSED Reunion

I don’t know where or when this happened but apparently Scott Vogel of Terror isn’t feelin’ this Refused reunion. The prolific front man is known for many things, one of which is his amazing stage banter. Normally his banter consists of the cliché hardcore sayings like “let’s move this shit”, etc, but this time Scott took a stab at the recently reunited Refused. This is what he had to say –

  “A lot of bands that come around, they do their thing, they tell you how much they care, they write their songs, they write their lyrics,  couple of years later, they disappear.They disappear, they don’t go to shows, they don’t support new bands, they don’t buy demos, they don’t give a fuck about me or you. But for some reason, we give them the mighty dollar to come back and play for us, a fake shell of what they once were. And yes, I’m talking about Refused. If you wanna support Refused, that’s up to you, but I don’t support that shit!”

Wut is this bro talking about?? I guess he doesn’t realize that dudes in Refused have been playing shows with The (International) Noise ConspiracyTEXT, and AC4 since Refused broke up… I guess he doesn’t see the irony in calling a band with almost all original members a “sad shell” while there are only two original members left in his band.

Whatevs, I actually was lucky enough to attend the first North American Refused show in 15 years and let me be the first to say that is was fucking KILLER! I think they definitely out performed Terror (I’ve only seen Terror about 12 times over the past 10 years, but what do I know, right?). Don’t believe me? Check out this footage I got of Refused, it was taken on my shitty old cracked 3gs, but fuck it still sounds good…….  Thoughts? #Butthurt

— Josh Huddleston

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FUCK THE FACTS Release “DRIFT” Music Video


Yesterday Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts released a video for the song Drift (via Metal Injection) off of their latest album “Die Miserable“. I honestly have no idea what the fuck I just watched so I’ll just let the director explain the video.

When I first read the lyrics to ‘Drift’ I was blown away by the sentiment: “we used to be friends, but now we are not, did I do something to offend you or was there some unknown, unseen force that drove us away from each other”. Friends. People. They fuck you over, stick you in the back and spit in your face while you are down. People you would trust with your life stick you with a dirty AIDS needle for a fucking nickel. Evil. Death. Inevitable. That’s how I felt after reading the lyrics. Mel is a genius and here lyrics perfectly capture the modern trend of disposable friends.

I knew on reading the lyrics that I wanted two children in the video. Innocence. Driven apart by a dark force – represented here by a mask figure. Dark. Mysterious. Unknown. A threat. A baby in a nest being stalked by birds of prey. That’s life.

Of all the videos I have made I am probably most proud of this one because it got me back to my roots. I filmed, edited, color corrected and did the graphics all myself. Fuck friends.


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Gettin’ Blunted In The Basement: RAEKWON Drops “A Pinebox Story” Music Video

It looks like Wu-Tang Clan member RAEKWON (The Chief) has been in the kitchen cooking up some fantastic shit again. This tasty new serving comes in the form of a short music video for a track off of his new album, “Unexpected Victory“. The track is titled A Pinebox Story and it’s a lyrical journey about a dude getting murdered. The production by 9th wonder is amazing. It’s seriously got some of the best placed samples I’ve heard in a while.

The visuals look great and the concept is right up my ally considering it’s just Raekwon doing some fool dirty and rippin blunts. Do yourself a favor, roll a blunt, watch the video, and cop the new mixtape.

— Josh Huddleston

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You Figure It Out: SERJ TANKIAN Releases A New Lyric Video

I have not been a fan of Serj Tankian‘s solo material in the past. I am a huge System Of A Down fan, however, so I checked out his releases. I just never got into them. However, his new video, a lyric video for his new track “Figure It Out” is actually pretty good. I really dig it and so I will definitely be checking out his new album Harakiri when it is released on July 10th. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Toxic Waste: TOXIC HOLOCAUST And MUNICIPAL WASTE To Release A Split 7″

Holy shit. This is amazing news. Two of the premiere bands in the neo-thrash scene, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste are preparing to release a split 7″! Fucking amazing. Each band will contribute two songs to their respective sides and each track is sure to be a thrashy son of a bitch. The artwork for the split is fantastic, mainly because it was done by the same dude that has brought you artwork by Cannabis Corpse, Skeletonwitch and Municipal Waste, Andrei Bouzikov. The dude is epic. Check out the artwork for the split at the top of this post and get stoked. The split will drop on June 12th via Tankcrimes Records.

Man Vs. Madman: Ten Questions With HIROSHIMA VACATION’s VII Caso

Do you know of the epic styling of Hiroshima Vacation? If not, you should be. My homie Andrew over at Operation Grindcore introduced me to them a while back and I have since made a comrade in VII Caso. He has even done guest vocals on one of my previous band’s tracks (listen here). He’s a killer dude and he agreed to do a duel interview. I shot him some questions and he shot me some. Here is the interview I conducted with him. Continue on to check out some of his music and so on.