Cancerous Rising Bulletshifter: AXE WOUND Are The New Supergroup On The Block

I am a BIG Cancer Bats fan. Like, I fucking love the band and all of their past material. That is why I was slightly intrigued to learn that Liam Cormier has a new project who have released a new song. Before I get to the song, let me give a little resume on this band. This band features members of Bullet For My Valentine, Rise To Remain, Pitchshifter and Glamour Of The Kill alongside Cormier. My first question was the same as Damien’s over at Heavy Blog, who broke the story for me: who the fuck are Rise To Remain and Glamour Of The Kill?

After listening to Rise To Remain for exactly one minute and forty seconds (see here if you don’t believe me.) I came to the conclusion that they are generic metalcore for the new decade. I honestly didn’t think bands were still making this kind of music. Unfortunately it hasn’t been cool for a few years now. That’s not my point though. I’m just not a fan. Glamour Of The Kill on the other hand, are fucking terrible. Horrible garbage. Blech. This honestly has to be the bastard child of Escape The Fate and Black Veil Brides. Shoot me in the fucking face.

Luckily enough, Axe Wound, the supergroup featuring members of these bands don’t sound anything like them. The riffing isn’t too bad but it has a twinge of nu-metal tone to it. The drumming is phenomenal and Cormier is amazing, as always. The only part I have a serious issue with is the deathcore bass drop breakdown beginning at the 3:30 mark. I could have gone without hearing that. It’s pretty much downhill from there. If you’re curious, check out the video below and download it here in exchange for your e-mail.

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