WTF Moment: Member Of NSBM Band Elected To Greek Parliament

This is going to be the first post I have ever done that combines two of my passions (music & politics) as well as two things I can’t stand (lame ass black metal & fascists), yay!! As some of you may know, Greece recently went through an odd wave of elections. Due to the implemented austerity measures, many incumbents were voted out in favor of new blood with more extreme political views. Well one of the new members of the Greek Parliament is none other than Giorgos Germenis (pictured above on the left), the bassist of the possible NSBM band NAER MATARON.

Germenis was elected as part of the The Golden Dawn party. Besides the obvious Aleister Crowley inspiration behind the party’s name, The Golden Dawn party is not known for it’s enlightened social policies. It’s actually quite the contrary, they a far right-wing organizations who have had many accusations of being Neo-Nazi’s. Below is a quote from Germenis which stands as one of his running platforms.

“Greek factories must be reborn, Their chimneys must be filled with smoke once more, and of course all illegal immigrants must leave. If all the illegal immigrants left — and there are more than three million — there would be three million jobs for Greeks.” Germenis was also quoted by PRI’s The World as saying, “We Golden Dawn say that Greece is a rich country. In order to rebuild Greece, we also need to revitalize our factories and small workshops. In this way, Greece can stand on its own two feet. We won’t need the European Union or anyone else. We’ll just need Greeks.”

hmmmm. Sounds pretty reminiscent of some shit that is going on in Arizona. This just goes to show that austerity measures can lead to some pretty crazy outcomes. We might wanna start considering these things before we get suckered in by the faction of the GOP (including Libertarians like Ron Paul). Anyway, I am pretty sure NAER MATARON is signed to Season Of Mist. I usually dig what that label brings to the table, but this is one band I won’t be checking out…. Fuck, I hate fascists….

– Josh Huddleston

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7 comments on “WTF Moment: Member Of NSBM Band Elected To Greek Parliament

  1. Lol at “possible nsbm band” in the article but blatantly calling naer nsbm in the headline. this is slander. all of their lyrics are about satanism. You’re just smearing the dude calling him a fascist because you’re clearly a left wing pussy.

  2. So you make sure you agree with the personal ideological beliefs of every musician you listen to? Must be exhausting…

      • You left scum are all the same. It must be “evil” in your eyes for Giorgio Germenis to say that Greek factories need to be rebuilt. How is that extreme? Yes, the illegals should leave so that starving Greeks can have their jobs back. Golden Dawn is so evil that they use their parliamentary money to organize food bank style food drives. Choke on dick you left wing pussy!

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