Shut Up and Give Us More AT THE DRIVE IN: SPARTA Releases First New Song In Six Years


Former At The Drive In members known as Sparta have released their first song in six years. The song is titled Chemical Feel and you can listen/download here. I assume the song will be featured on an upcoming release, I don’t know if there is actually one in production, but I would assume so. It would seem like this release is coming at a perfect time considering how Sparta has always been kind of forgotten but are now back in the spotlight with the $$$ grab At The Drive In reunion.

Chemical Feel comes off as sounding like a second-rate Thrice B-side. It’s not bad or anything but it’s very consistent with the level of mediocrity that Sparta is known for producing. I wouldn’t listen to this on my own, but at the same time, if a chick I was dating put it on, I wouldn’t scramble to turn it off. Fuck it, Jim Ward should just do what’s in his best interest financially, and try to keep At The Drive In touring….


— Josh Huddleston

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