WTF Moment: VARG VIKERNES Is Programming A Video Game???

Are you guys ready for the most fucking kvlt video game of all time? In a recent interview Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes let it be known that he was in the process of programming his very own game. And no, it’s not going to be some pussy ass linear game like those nerdy emo’s in Last Chance To Reason made. This shit is going to a fucking grvm RPG where you stab band mates and burn churches and shit! It’s going to be like Skyrim but with more classism and instead of Dragonborn, you will be Aryan born. Here is what Varg had to say about his upcoming game -

Are you still planning on the release of your own role playing game? What can you tell us about this, if anything at all?

Yes, very much so, but I am not yet sure exactly on how to do this. I expect to be asking for help from gamers to play-test the system and to get feedback, but I will do some proof-reading and add some more meat to the bone, so to speak, before I do so.

Note that I am not trying to revolutionize RPG gaming with this game or anything like that. I just wanted to add in a game some things I have always missed in other games and remove some things I didn’t like, and then create a setting I would want to play in myself.

It’s all done out of love for RPGs, and because I enjoy working with this.

Do you have any fond memories of your role playing game days you would like to share? I myself, with a few, select others, played the first edition AD&D only, and we still sometimes do, in the manner of the old Gary Gygax tradition of early RPG… We have created many characters and had much magic still, with some great opportunities to play out the character and personalities like Mackarel Dale the rouge; the druid Owck the gnarled or against villains we have created like Fitzworg the enslaver…

Oh, it is a very long time since I last played a game, and I think even back then, when I had the opportunity to play, my biggest fascination was the logic (or lack thereof) of the system itself, the technical details and gaming mechanics, the complexity of the gaming world, races, stats and so forth. I am a terrible friend, so I have lost all my RPG-friends, and I lost the last one many years ago, and have gained no new friends to replace them, so I relate to RPGs pretty much just like some autistic person trying to figure out in details how a complicated mechanical device works. Right now I just try to make a logical system and a logical world for it…

My fond RPG memories have mostly been lost, but I still remember how fun it was to even just have the PC party walk up to some ruined tower or a cave entrance, and then try to unveil the secrets therein.

Ah, you know; Det som engang var (“what once was”)…

oh man, poor Varg has no one to game with… I guess he got pissed at all the young posers on Xbox live who called him “nigger fag” last time he was trying to defend the white race on Call Of Duty… :(

Seriously though, how many of you would check out this losers game? I mean people have actually paid for his shit music in the past so someone’s gotta be looking forward to this, right? Thoughts?

– Josh Huddleston

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