Shittiness Comes From Other Countries Too: Say Hello To The French EMMURE

If you don’t understand the title of this post, watch this video. Then read my thought process of the new video from French deathcoreians Black Knives.

  • 0:00-0:03 Instant breakdown. How can you have a breakdown at the beginnging of a song? What is there to breakdown from?
  • 0:12- Nice coat, bro. I looked it up and the average temperature in May for France is about fifty-seven degrees Fahrenheit; Definitely too hot for that coat.
  • 0:31 A nice bass drop before breaking into generic chugging.
  • 0:37 Flashes to the singer walking through the street screaming and making hand gestures to the camera. Nice one, Fred Durst.
  • 0:48 Entire band (sans drummer) running in place.
  • 1:21 Guitarist screaming every word along with the vocalist: Why not give the guy a mic and a less conspicuous shirt? Everyone else is in black jackets.
  • 1:30 Hello there, French rapper.
  • 1:35- See bullet #4.
  • 1:45 I turned this shit off. I have no idea what happens next.


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One thought on “Shittiness Comes From Other Countries Too: Say Hello To The French EMMURE”

  1. Send this to Sergeant D. He’ll totally dig this. That dude’s an enigma. It’s a constant sense of “Not sure If…” every time I read one of his posts.

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