BONE DANCE Announce New Tour

The hard hitting hardcore band Bone Dance have announced a new tour that will begin next month. This band’s sound has the ability to crush human skulls, in a good way of course. So I suggest you get out to one of these shows. Also, the band has stated that they will also tour the west coast in August, play Florida’s The Fest as well as tour the south and east coast around the same time AND are working on a new record. Look out for Bone Dance on the road this year. You won’t regret it. Check out the June dates below as well as stream their Snakecharmers EP.

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American Aftermath Exclusive: AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR Performing At SXSW ’12


During March of this year while in Austin, TX for SXSW, I was lucky enough to catch Irish instrumental band And So I Watch You From Afar twice in one day. It was pretty rad, I’m not gonna lie. Prior to seeing them, I had only listened to them a handful of times. I actually went to see them because there were no other shows going on at the time and I actually knew who they were.

Turns out it was a great decision because they were extremely good live. I was very impressed by not only how tight they were together, but by their stage presence too. The videos featured in this article were shot at the Sargent House Records showcase. The video above the band playing 7 Billion People All Alive At Once and the one at the bottom was the set closer, Guitar Set Kill.


— Josh Huddleston

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Feeding The Bummer: MARTYR Loses Member and is “Unsure About Bands Future”

Awww I am bummed the fuck out to tell you guys that Canadian super technical death metal band Martyr has lost their drummer Pat Hamelin and is now unsure about the band’s future… The band has released the following official statement:

“After 14 years of great musical adventures, drummer Pat Hamelin has decided to leave the band MARTYR due to personal reasons. We all wish him well. The remaining members of MARTYR are unsure about the future of the band, as there has been a lot of undergoing tensions through the last years that was not taken care of, thus resulting in a frustrating negative vibe that would stagnate creativity and motivation. MARTYR is on hold for now. More news to come later. Thanks for your support over all these years!!”

Fucking lame. Martyr was one of my favorite tech death bands. They were on another level and I have no idea why they never reached the level of success as say Necrophagist. Whatever, do yourself a favor and go get their whole discography.

— Josh Huddleston

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WTF Moment: Did Any Of You See MAGRUDERGRIND On HBO’S Veep????


Last Sunday I was sittin back, relaxin’, smokin’ a blunt and watching HBO‘s new series Veep. Early on in the show one of the characters, Johan, express excitement over going to a see a nameless “extreme noise metal band”. When the next scene starts it’s got Johan holding a beer and head banging in a club.

I quickly realize that I know the riff and I pause the show to take a moment to figure out who it was then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was fucking MAGRUDERGRIND!!! How fucking awesome. It’s turns out that not only did they use a clip of Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare but they also briefly showed the band performing! The best part is when Johan ironically asks “Do you think this band is on iTunes? No, cause they aren’t fucking for sell”.

I would have posted about this sooner but I was waiting for a video of it to surface on Youtube, but it never did. However, the sexy giants over at Metal Injection have made the video available and you can watch it by clicking here. Also continue after the jump to find out how the band got featured on the show.

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Lost In Transtion: Stream The New SHINING EP Right Now

Okay, I don’t speak Finnish, so I have no idea what is going on over at Inferno Magazine but I do know that they are currently streaming the new Shining EP Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt. I tried to translate the page, but that didn’t come out very well. Apparently there is a lot that gets lost in translation between Finnish and English. The EP is… different. You can check it out here. After you listen, come back here and tell us your thoughts. You can check out the track list below.

Track List:

1. For My Demons (Katatonia cover)
2. Utan Dina Andetag (Kent cover)
3. Kung Av Jidder (Imperiet cover)
4. Carnival of Rust (Poets of the Fall cover)

Stealing From The Dead: Listen To A New NILE Song Right Now!

A few days ago Lane posted about the details concerning the new Nile album and now we have a new track to go along with it. This new track, “The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased” is fucking phenomenal. I mean, did you expect a new Nile song to be terrible? If so, think again.This track is currently streaming over at Noisecreep and it is just waiting to burrow into your ear canal like a scarab. Go forth and get your face fucked. At The Gate Of Sethu will be released on June 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Climbing The Mountain: THE HOWLING WIND Release Album Details, Streaming New Track

Remember back in early April when I posted that studio footage of The Howling Wind? Well, if not, check it out. If you do remember it, then you will be excited to learn that not only have The Howling Wind released the details of their forthcoming album Of Babylon, they have also released a new track titled “The Mountain View.”

This track is fucking amazing. I am seriously in love. I have been a fan of The Howling Wind for quite some time, so any of their music is always welcome. You can check out the album art for Of Babylon at the top of this post, stream the new song below and check out the track listing after the jump. Of Babylon was recorded with Colin Marston and will be released on July 17th via Profound Lore Records.