Straight To The Point: A Quick Review Of SACCAGE’s “Death Crust Satanique”

When I choose to listen to an album, I tend to listen to rather obscure bands. A lot of the bands I review are unsigned or mostly unknown. When I stumbled across Saccage, I had no idea what I was getting into. This band is fucking insane and they have a lot going for them. The hardest thing about this band’s new album Death Crust Satanique, aside from the planetary heaviness of their music, is trying to place them into a single genre. Well, I couldn’t so I decided to make one up. I’m gonna call Saccage thrashy blackened deathcrust. I do so because it is so.

From the opening track “Motörcrust” all the way to the end of the album, this is a fucking frenzy of heaviness and madness. Psychotic riffing, mind-bending drumming and vicious, gut-wrenching screams make up Saccage’s sound in a nutshell, but the interesting about it is that it’s what is underneath that matters. This band is fucking evil and it rules so hard. The thrash element is the mainstay here, but with obvious d-beat crust influences which immediately melt my brain to mush.  If you know nothing about this band, then get schooled. Check out a stream below and be sure to look for physical versions and downloadable digital versions later this summer on Broken Limbs Recordings.

Rating: 8/10
Favorite track: “Motörcrust”
For fans of: Toxic Holocaust, Sarcófago

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