Summer Is Upon Us: Download Three Killer Summer Samplers Right Now

I love Summer. Summer is usually a slow time for us metal bloggers because all of the major bands are out on tour or doing festivals. There isn’t a lot happening unless their is some major inter-band drama. When this time of year rolls around however, there is something pretty gnarly to get excited about: Summer Samplers from record labels!

So far there have been three killer Summer samplers released by three pretty stellar labels, A389 Recordings, Century Media Records and Deathwish, Inc. I love bands on all of these labels, so I am definitely going to grab these up. You can read a little about each sampler after the jump, as well as get the download links.

If you down with filthy, crushing hardcore, then you definitely have to get the A389 Recordings sampler. It’s filled with hatred-fueled destroyers like Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Ringworm, Children Of God, Anne, Triac, Integrity and many, many more. All of these tracks are new or unreleased tracks by A389’s bands, so this is an especially destructive release. You can download it here.

Up next is the Century Media summer sampler, which only asks for your e-mail address before giving you a slab of metal including Napalm Death, Darkest Hour, Deicide, Crowbar, Paradise Lost and more .You can see the full list in the image above. I’ll admit that I wasn’t as excited about this sampler, which is being dubbed The Road To Summer Breeze Sampler, as I was about the first and the next samplers, but this is pretty cool, also. Download this here.

Last, but definitely not least is the new Summer sampler from Deathwish, Inc. You all know I am a huge fan of Deathwish’s roster because I fucking love hardcore, so you should all know I’d get stoked on a sampler featuring bands like Oathbreaker, Whips/Chains, Loma Prieta, New Lows, Code Orange Kids and more. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this, so just go and download it here.

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