March To The Sea: BARONESS Streaming New Song On Pitchfork

You know how excited I have been getting for Baroness‘ new double albumYellow & Green by now. I came bubbles when they released the first single and now with the release of the second single “March To The Sea” I am officially very, very excited for this album. I still have yet to hear the album in full, but if this new track is any indication of anything, the albums will be amazing.

“March To The Sea” starts off nice and soft before erupting into a full on frenzy of rock and roll. It is absolutely amazing and you should all stop what you’re doing and check it out over at Pitchfork right now. You can check out a live version of the track below. Yellow & Green will be released on July 17th via Relapse Records.

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One thought on “March To The Sea: BARONESS Streaming New Song On Pitchfork”

  1. I actually caught this live on the Meshuggah tour. Baroness are great live but the abrasiveness and rawness of the vocals on the album are not present live. Vocals sound a lot clearer and cleaner.

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