The Road Thus Far: Ross Gnarly’s Six Favorite Albums Of 2012 So Far

Well, it is getting dangerously close to the middle of the year and you know what that means. Asshole bloggers like me start talking about their favorite albums this year so far. Well, I’m not any different from any other asshole, so here is my current favorite albums of the year so far. These are not in any particular order. These are just unbelievable albums that I have learned about and jammed out to these past six months.

Robocop / Detroit‘s Dead Language, Foreign Bodies (Grindcore Karaoke)
I have been a fan of Robocop and Detroit for a while now. Both bands are absolutely amazing, so when you put them back to back on a split album that was released for FREE, you can’t beat that. You can stream the entire album here. Do it.

Doctorshopper‘s Degenerate Utopia (Cult Of Melancholia)
Holy shit. I fucking love Doctorshopper mainly because they are so extensive and aggressive in their mission to fuck up your mind. I have been listening to this band for a while now and I still can’t come up with a better description than my previously stated “misanthropic, goat-sacrificing, blackened doompunk.” I think that about sums it up and if you have yet to embrace this band, do so here.

Graf Orlock‘s Los Angeles (Vitriol)
Fucking Graf Orlock. Does anything else need to be said? I mean, this band is fucking legendary and their new EP was a fucking monument. I have spent hours upon hours with this album on repeat and I could do it all day. That’s how you know you got some good shit. Get De Niro’d over here.

Vattnet Viskar‘s Vattnet Viskar EP (Broken Limbs)
I love my homies in Vattnet Viskar and it’s not just because they are friends that they are on this list. No, this EP is devastatingly beautiful from start to finish. This is how I pictured dooming black metal to sound and they execute is so fucking well it’s ridiculous. These dudes do in three tracks (four if you count the intro) what some bands can’t accomplish in a full LP. Get bent here.

Lane tried to get me into this for a long time and I finally game them a chance and I fell in love. It’s just nice, free and flowing music. It’s nice to just sit back and listen to something like this after a long day, you know what I mean? BADBADNOTGOOD was kinda alien to me at first because I didn’t think I would be into something that sounded anything like this, but fuck me, it’s great. Check it out right here.

Immortal Technique‘s The Martyr (Viper Records)
Fuck yes, hip-hop. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to include any hip-hop on this list because I hadn’t heard much 2012 hip-hop that was worth a fuck. That was, of course until I listened to Immortal Technique‘s free-release The Martyr which was a compilation of unreleased material mostly. It fucking rules. Few rappers can hold a candle to the ill shit that Immortal Technique puts down. Check out and download this motherfucker here.

Current Honorable Mentions and Still Spinnings:
Veil Of Maya‘s Eclipse (Sumerian)
Mickey Napalm‘s Napalm The God (Grindcore Karaoke)
Author & Punisher‘s Ursus Americanus (Seventh Rule)
Gaza‘s No Absolutes In Human Suffering (Black Market Act.)

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