Aftermath Exclusive: JAR’D LOOSE’s Eddie Gobbo Interview + Track Premiere

Not too long ago I was introduced to a band called Jar’d Loose whose music took my brain and flipped it upside down. Dark, aggressive, filthy music like something I haven’t heard of before. This band really caught my attention and due to this, I caught up with Jar’d Loose’s vocalist Eddie Gobbo to chat about the band, their new album and White Zombie. Read on to find out what’s going on in the life of Eddie Gobbo as well as an exclusive premiere of a new Jar’d Loose track! Are you pumped? You should be.

Let’s start this off with you introducing yourself to my readers and telling them a bit about  your band Jar’d Loose.
I’m Eddie Gobbo. I’m the the vocalist of Jar’d Loose. We’re from Chicago. We started back in October 2011. It’s hard to put a precise label on what style of music we are, but we’re definitely a Metal band that’s hugely influenced by Sludge, Noise, and Grunge Rock.

How was this name chosen for the band? It’s not a name that I’d expect to connect to a band as heavy as you guys.
For sure. Well I came up with the name, and we all put our stamps of approval on it. I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan. The Bears defense over the past decade have been one of the best teams at stripping the ball, and often times when that happens the broadcaster says, “That ball’s been jarred loose,” so I’m pretty sure that’s where I got it. Haha. But it means something different to all of us. To be honest, names in heavy music have been deliberately predictable for years now. That’s partly because A) All the good original names have been taken, haha. And B) I think bands are becoming deathly afraid of people not knowing what type of band they are just by hearing their name. You can usually tell what bands are Stoner, what bands are Black metal, what bands are Hardcore, or Thrash just by hearing their name and it shouldn’t have to be that way. I’m glad our name doesn’t lump us in with a specific group cause we don’t deserve to be. We try to transcend sub genres, not fit in to any.

I saw a few videos on YouTube of you guys performing as White Zombie at a Halloween show last year. How was this idea constructed and how was the reception? The video quality isn’t HD, but you can get the point and it sounds great.
Haha! Yeah, that was a fun night! We wanted to do a cover set for Halloween. The White Zombie choice was a no brainer because when we finally got the Jar’d Loose lineup straight we realized Eva [Bialecki, bass] could pull off looking like Sean Yseult. The most commonly covered band on Halloween is the Misfits, because of the whole horror angle and their simplicity. White Zombie has a horror angle as well, but no one has the balls to cover them because they are nowhere near as easy to cover. But we rallied behind the challenge. We got our friend who does noise music to do all the soundclips for us live. My other friend made a banner. Got smoke machines. I told some chicks I’d get them drunk if they danced for us on stage. The show was at a great club called Township in Chicago with Cannabis Corpse. Sold out show. Couldn’t have asked for more. Really good time. Worth the annoyance for sure.

Have you guys performed like this before and will you be doing it in the future as different bands? This kinda reminds me of how Machine Head performs as a cover band called Ten Ton Hammer from time to time.
We had done a Halloween set before. Pete [Bialecki, guitar] and I used to be in a thrash band called The Muzzler and the prior Halloween we did a set as Nirvana. People started asking what band we were gonna be next year, which was annoying. That’s pretty much the main reason we did the White Zombie thing. And we’ll do it again. I think we already have picked out who were going to be this year.

Can you tell me a bit about Jar’d Loose’s new album Goes To Purgatory? I’ve been listening to this album relentlessly and I gotta say it is flawless.
Thank you! Yeah, Goes to Purgatory is our first record. It’s an introduction to who we feel we are as a band. It’s 8 tracks of vocal- and riff-driven, verse/chorus/verse heavy music. Probably the thing we’re most proud of is that the album is total “meat and potatoes, ” but at the same time has an artsy element to it. That was a goal of ours. Hard to find that combo in a record these days. Usually you find one or the other, or neither. Then you’re fucked. Haha.

How do you guys feel about the completed album?
We are very proud of it, but at the same time I think we all pretty much expected it to come out that way, so there wasn’t a lot of back patting going on upon completion. The songs were still fresh to us, but we were whipped by the time we entered the studio. Pete Grossman, the engineer for the record, is a man we all know and trust as an engineer. Most importantly, he understood our vision for the record. When you put 5 talented people in the room all on the same page, good things can happen. Sort of like an orgy.

Can you tell me a bit specifically about this track “(Coming Like A) Nightmare?” This is one of my favorite albums on the album and incidentally we are also premiering this track.
“(Coming Like A) Nightmare” is one of the only tracks on the record that almost has positive lyrics. The majority of the songs on the record from a lyrical standpoint are angry, sarcastic, depressing, tongue in cheek FU anthems. When I wrote the lyrics for that one I was sort of looking back on shit, realizing in life sometimes things work out, some times they don’t, but it’s up to you to move on from it. The first lyric I wrote for that song was, “Sew it up / My machine rolls right on.” Kind of a good mantra to live by.

What’s coming up next for Jar’d Loose? Any touring plans or will you guys go right back to writing and recording?
We will be hitting the road for the first time with this band in late Fall/early Winter. Pete and I used to tour a bit in The Muzzler. It’s been a minute, so we’re excited to get back out there. We have five songs written for what’s going to be our follow up to this record. If they’re any indication, it should give this record a run for it’s money, if not beat it.
What is your preferred platform of music? Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, 8-Track?
Everyone rips on me for this, but I love CDs. I have a MASSIVE CD collection. I was sold on CDs ever since I joined Columbia House back in 1996. Everyone will say their favorite is vinyl cause of the packaging or whatever. Our drummer Phil (Hardman) had a The Devil’s Blood vinyl he showed me a few weeks ago that looked like God made it. But yeah, I think CDs sound the best. Nothing like bumping a CD in an SUV with a sub. Hahaha.

If you were trapped on a boat in the ocean with nothing but a Walkman cassette player, what three tapes would you have with you?
Good question! They’d have to be three records from a time when cassette was king. I’m gonna go with Faith No More Introduce Yourself, Aerosmith Pump, and Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life. If I could sneak one more, I’d probably sneak Jimmy Buffet Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Good boat album!

Be sure to grab Jar’d Loose’s new album Goes To Purgatory when it is released next Tuesday. You can also catch another song off of the album called “Last Living Roach” here via Decibel Magazine.

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