Power Of The Riff Festival Adds Five To West Coast Lineup; Finalizes East Coast Lineup

Usually, my summer concert schedule consists of one or two small shows alongside my long attended usual death metal/deathcore summer fest, Summer Slaughter(starting SS 2008 and including all years except SS 2011 because of its horrid lineup). While the lineup for Summer Slaughter 2012 is certainly no laughing matter, with death metal heavyweights Cannibal Corpse co-headlining alongside prog death metal act Between the Buried And Me, my tastes have considerably shifted over the past year. My usual daily listening rituals of technical death metal and progressive metal have been largely replaced by the raw sounds of powerviolence, hardcore, grindcore, and occasional rap and electronic.

As such, I have decided to eschew my annual attendance of the Summer Slaughter fest in preference to the sickly all day Southern Lord Power of the Riff Festival West(Aug. 11). Boasting an already legendary lineup of some of my favorite bands including grindcore fathers Repulsion, sludge metal gods Noothgrush and hardcore/powerviolence act DNF, POTR: W has added yet another FIVE whopping acts:Sun 0))) (first west coast appearance in over three years), Nausea, Despise You, Hoax, and Bio Crisis. Beyond the sickly lineup, expect record swapping events from indy labels, curated DJ sets in between performances, and some of Los Angeles’s best in food trucks. While I must admit that I have not listened to a majority of the bands in attendance at the fest, I am sure that the fest will be a blast. Tickets will be sold out quick so be sure to pick them up here.

For those on the east coast, you guys have an alternate yet similar lineup albeit for a two day festival(Sep. 1-2). Peep the east coast lineup below and pick up tickets for POTW: E available in two day or one day passes(Saturday or Sunday).

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3 thoughts on “Power Of The Riff Festival Adds Five To West Coast Lineup; Finalizes East Coast Lineup”

  1. wasn’t gonna go to the west show until this morning, when Sunn O))) was added. That sold me. I’m also excited for OFF! and Gaza, but overall the rest of the lineup is pretty underwhelming.

    1. I’m actually on the other side of the spectrum, I think the lineup is awesome. I’m most excited for Noothgrush, Gaza, The Love Below, Hordes, DNF, Alpha and Omega, Repulsion, and Despise You. I’ve never actually listened to Sunn 0))) but I’m expecting a hell of a show from what I’ve heard of them.

      1. Go listen to Sunn 0))) immediately. One of my all-time favorite bands and gods of dronesludge.

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