Effigies Of Evil: HOODED MENACE Release Details Concerning New Album

It’s been over a year since I told you that Swedish deathdoomers Hooded Menace had signed to Relapse Records and it still blows my mind. I love Relapse and 98% of their catalog and I fucking adore Hooded Menace (and Coffins, who also signed to Relapse last year). Crushing OSDM-inspired doom is something that I definitely endorse, so getting a few deets on Hooded Menace‘s forthcoming album Effigies Of Evil made me giddy.

Effigies Of Evil will be released on September 25th on CD, Double LP and Digitally. Their will also be a special deluxe edition vinyl that comes coupled with a 7″ featuring a Witchfinder General cover and an Eternal Darkness cover. Yep. I just came. You can see the artwork for the album at the top of this post and get your pre-orders here. Yeeeeeeah.

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