Jesus, Touchdown Jesus: GAZA Streaming New Track “The Truth Weighs Nothing”

It sure was nice of Jesus to take time away from ignoring
Ethnic cleansing genocide and famine bloated children.
Or regrowing limbs for landmine victims
To help you score that touchdown
To help you find your keys
To help you land that promotion.
Is it that he can’t? Or is it that he won’t?
Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
The truth weighs nothing. Travel light. Be unburdened.

Gaza is currently streaming a new track called “The Truth Weighs Nothing” (also nicknamed “Tebow.” Read the lyrics above and understand why) over at Decibel. I don’t need to tell you more than once. go stream this beast. No Absolutes In Human Suffering will be released on July 31st via Black Market Activities.

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