One Hour From Anywhere Compilation: New Jersey’s Finest

My life on the internet is becoming quickly cluttered and harder to organize. In addition to my previous addictions to various awesome sites like reddit, reddit, and reddit, I have recently become a writer here at American Aftermath and subject to another online board by the name of the B9 Forums. While all of this is certainly time consuming, my exposure to new and awesome music has increased hundred-fold. One very recent and awesome slab of music has been the One Hour From Anywhere Compilation. Containing some of the best bands in New Jersey’s hardcore, punk, indie and metal scenes, this compilation is a live, no bullshit, no edits in the studio recording and a complete labor of love. Bands include: Ensign, Let Me Run, I AM HERESY, Torchbearer, Fleshtemple, Not the Bees!, Less Life, Decent Living, Bottomfeeder, Something About Death or Dying, The Grains, Les Trois Chaud, Old Wounds, and Disobey.

Stream and download the compilation below(for free or as a pay what you want basis) or pick up the tape from the awesome RTF Records here.

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