Veins Running With Native Blood: TESTAMENT Release Second Single

After I oozed all over Testament‘s first single from their new album Dark Roots Of Earth, I was left wanting more. Needing more. I fucking love Testament and this is one of the most anticipated albums for me right now. When I finally got word that the band was streaming their second single from the new album, I lost my shit. This new track “Native Blood” is a fucking beast. Thrashy beyond belief, which is something that you’d expect from a band of this caliber. This track isn’t quite as catchy as “True American Hate” but it is still amazing and it makes me even more excited to get my hands on Dark Roots Of Earth, which will be released on July 31st via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out “Native Blood” below and thrash away. Enjoy.

(Testament should have replaced Anthrax on the Big Four tour. Jus’ sayin’)

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