INTHESHIT Streaming New Album

I was introduced to this mammoth, skull crushing, internal organ bursting grindcore band through their EP, King of the Grindcore Jungle. For me, that EP was at the apex of crushing brutality. It had drums sounding like aerial raids, guitars that sounded like human flesh getting grated on barbed wire, and screeching pterodactyl vocals. With this new album however, I feel the band has taken a massive hit. Gone are the vocals I loved before and gone also is a large chunk of awesome production. But these are just my thoughts… after one listen. Stream the album below and leave a comment on your thoughts, likes, dislikes etc.

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5 comments on “INTHESHIT Streaming New Album

    • Yeah, I’m a fan of “classical grind” then(overall I’m not that much educated in grindcore). I just found their previous releases to be all too sick. I loved the straight up screeching screamed vocals along with chaotic production.

  1. What I’d like to ask of the reviewer who didn’t seem to care at all for our first attempt at a full length is how far did you actually get into the record? Both people who comment seem to feel we’ve slowed down, yes I understand Wit’s End is our not normal writing but we have other songs that are sludge orienated (miserable motherfucker and dead weight). Have you listened to the whole record you feel tracks like Churchburner, Krieg, a Simple Noose, Caffeine Sturmgeweher, One Million Year Dungeon or Aim Low aren’t as fast if not faster than material on KOTGJ you might wanna relisten to that EP. Also I understand everyone has a right to their own opinion I just don’t understand where you’re not hearing the speed on this. Two last points I wanna make Mike Shea our old vocalist quit the band, we werent just going to find a clone of that style. We all love what our current vocalist Ian Dower does. Come see us live anytime and you’ll understand even if you’re not a fan of “conventional vocals”. Lastly you don’t like the production which confuses me even more cause it was recorded by the same person for everything we’ve done. We just had someone else mix/master it for us. Sorry we wanted a bigger sound out of it. Oh yuh recently we lost our drummer for the past two years, but his replacement is John Gillis (xTodays the Day, Watchmaker and Anal Cunt) I think we’ll be ok with the speed aspect. Just my opinion but im in the band so im sure I don’t know what im talking about. I do appreciate you reviewing our tunes and enjoy reading the negative aspect of it. But certain things you mentioned didn’t make sense to me, maybe im wrong. Let me know, thanks again.

    • I listened to half of the record on bandcamp once. The opinion I posted was simply a “off of the top” of how I felt upon listening to the few tracks. The point of my article wasn’t to review or pass off any detailed examination of your new album, just to state my on the spot feelings after listening. Production-wise or mastering, etc.(I’m not a recording engineer), I felt a sort of more loose sound, not as thick on the songs I heard so far. Thanks for checking in though, INTHESHIT. I’ll definitely listen to the album.

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