Crawl On Your Knees LIKE RATS

It seems every time Toxicbreed’s Funhouse releases a new volume of Casa De Diversion, a small vortex opens in the corner of my wallet and vast amounts of my feeble funds are drained straight away. As I hit track five of the current Casa De Diversion volume, I felt a similar feeling in my back pocket. After headbanging furiously in a trance-like state for what seemed like a period of two hours, I awoke six dollars dry having ordered a 7″ directly from a band named Like Rats with no recollection of having made the transaction or having listened to their Casa De Diversion track, “Bloodline”, on repeat about 40 times.

Likewise, I was subsequently shocked to find that during that trance-like period, I had been browsing the B9 Forums with my last activity being an announcement by Based God Dom Romeo that A389 Records would be releasing Like Rats’s debut LP on August 16th.  As this could only be the work of the dark lord, I am thereby obligated by blood to share my newly found information with the public. Please do not heed the seemingly coy album artwork presented above. Proceed to stream two absolute crushing tracks off the upcoming album below and order the upcoming LP(August 16th) from A389 Records. There is plenty brutality to spread around. Satan fucking commands you to.



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