Dressed To Impress: CAPTAIN OVERBOARD-RADIO EARTH! Release New Track

Back in November I released Detergent: A Tribute To Nirvana which was a covers compilation I put together. I included a lot of fantastic bands on this compilation such as Spider Kitten, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and my personal homies Captain Overboard-Radio Earth!. Today I am glad to say that Captain Overboard have released another new song, which is available for free download and guitarist Ron Core has included a press release telling us what’s going on with these new tracks that the band will be putting out. You can stream the new track “Dress Up” below and read the press release after the jump. Leave some feedback in the comments section and check out more of Captain Overboard-Radio Earth! here.

One song, per month. For free.

We will be posting a new song via our bandcamp (http://captainoverboardradioearth.bandcamp.com/), and each song will have it’s own cover art. You can stream it for free, download it for free, or pay any price for it (consider it a donation). So if you want to support us, you can, if not, enjoy the music.

after so many songs are released, we will make an album out of it, and offer it for download as a collection, with the same money terms, and we will press a limited number of copies to sell, possibly including extra songs or maybe a shirt (yes, finally, shirts!).

So, if you want to pay for our music, you can, if you don’t, that’s fine too. Support your local music. Go to shows, buy shirts (yes, we will have shirts), buy stickers, spread the music around.

We also have a few secret releases, for free, that will be popping up sooner than later. Just keep an eye out for announcments!

Enjoy yourselves bitches, it’s a celebration.

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