Closing Of The Circle: BLUT AUS NORD Post ‘Cosmosophy’ Teaser

I talked about the forthcoming release from Blut Aus Nord and the closing of their 777 trilogy, Cosmosophy. Cosmosophy will be released on October 9th via Debemur Morti Productions and it is sure to be a destructive slab of black metal. You can check out the teaser for the album at the top of this post and read a blurb from the label about the release after the jump. Get pumped!

The denouement. The calm after the storm (but, still, disquiet interrupts the serenity); when the floods have washed away the debris. The circle is closed. Haunting, dreamlike, an altered state has been achieved. All-knowing wisdom prevails. At one with all — omniscient. Soaring, alive with insight, bursting with extra-ordinary energy. Almighty. At the centre of an infinite structure in perpetual deconstruction, ‘777 – Cosmosophy’ represents the instinctive manifestation of human and obsolete conception of Time. Where the light feeds the darkness, where every second is the Eternity and sounds the death knell – the monumental work of the eccentric soul gets lost in a deep echo… and this echo is the sublime Sound of the Universe.

A beautiful tragedy; a tragic beauty. Devastatingly restrained, the climactic movement in the monumental ‘777’ trilogy represents the culmination of a rapturous evolutionary process. Arguably Blut Aus Nord’s most-daring venture yet, the third and final chapter represents both the beginning and the end. Et le Chaos se tut…

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