Straight To The Point: PENANCE – “Demo 2011” Review

As a huge fan of death metal, I constantly find myself searching for new and exciting death metal acts. A lot of the death metal bands nowadays are boring unless said band has quite a history (unless it’s Morbid Angel’s morbid abomination of an album) so when I discover a new band whose sound is utterly perplexing, I feel the need to express my feelings about them. I am a big fan of the new wave of old school death metal (or NWOOSDM) which includes bands like Grave Miasma, Father Befouled, Decrepitaph and Funebrarum and today I found a band that reminds me of these bands but with a blackened tinge to them. This band is called Penance and they hail from Warsaw, Poland.

The only music I have found from this band is their 2011 demo (which according to their Bandcamp, was released in April of this year) and it fucking destroys. Four tracks of blistering, crushing death metal. The production is great, but the tunes remain raw and crusty which is a plus. From the sample opening up “Great Purge” to dizzying solo that signals the ending of “Kriegsmarine,” I was hooked and found myself not wanting, but needing more from this band. These four tracks are great enough to give you an idea of the band’s sound, but it will definitely leave you begging for more.

This is definitely the best death metal demo I have heard in a long, long time, so after I clear up if this is a 2011 or a 2012 release, you might see this on one of my year-end lists (I will be doing at least three this year). Amazing work from Penance, so if you haven’t listened to them yet, stream the album in the widget below and download it for the low, low price of “Name Your Price.” You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Broken Hope, Father Befouled, Incantation
Label: Self-released

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