SHINING Release Disturbing And Idiotic Trailer For Upcoming Album

WARNING: THE ABOVE VIDEO IS NSFW! No words. I have simply no words for this. Depressive suicidal black metal group Shining have long been one of my favorite artists. Their melodic bleakness and  unrelenting brutal approach to black metal has lent them my unquestioning ears. The same cannot be said for my eyes though. The above video is a trailer for Shining’s upcoming album, Redefining Darkness, set to be released October 29th of this year. It depicts frontman, Niklas Kvarforth, nude in a bathtub covered in blood whilst engaged in multiple questionable and highly disturbing acts including: a)licking a plastic vagina, b)drinking some sort of substance(blood?) from a skull chalice, and c)acting a damn fool, while listening to some folk song of some sort. Well, if you hang in long enough, there is a quick snippet of new material. View the above video at your own risk! Please excuse me while I go tear out of my eyeballs.

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