STOMACH EARTH Complete Record

One man wrecking crew and riff-machine, Mike “Gunface” McKenzie, has recently completed the debut record for his doom metal/death metal side project, Stomach Earth. Long in incubation, I have watched the one-man doom/death machine grind through two names, multiple demo tracks, and multiple Facebook updates in anticipation of this historical announcement. Gunface’s brutality track record spans across multiple projects including: The Red Chord, Plant Vochestra, and Beyond the Sixth Seal while his legacy remains amongst many other guest appearances on the works of other great bands including: All Shall Perish, Sigh, and Old Man Gloom. Expect the fruition of the Goliath known as Stomach Earth sometime this year, 2012, via the awesome Black Market Activities. Meanwhile, go like Stomach Earth’s Facebook page here to stay tuned for updates and stream some demo tracks from the crushing project below. 

*Stomach Earth’s previous name was Nyarlathotep.

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