Review: BONE DANCE-Self Titled

By Lane Oliver

Imagine yourself in a desolate land where lifeless red soil can be seen for miles. No sign of civilization and no sign of sustenance. Your food supply has depleted and you are so exhausted you collapse in a pathetic heap. At night, predators of all species come out to take their rightful place on the food chain. You were in such a deep state of sleep that you didn’t hear the wolves approaching. They pounce upon you and rip the flesh from you while you struggle to get away. But it is far too late and you are devoured alive. This is what listening to Bone Dance’s self titled LP feels like. It’s a grim beast that will devour you just like the aforementioned wolves. This is the band’s debut on Melotov Records and I have to say it is a total kick in the gut. On this record you are the prey and Bone Dance is the predator.

“Comfort” will verify my claims that this album is ferocious. Hoarse vocals make way for the cavalcade of destructive hardcore chords and explosive drumming that take prevalence on this track. Bone Dance simply does not want you to survive this record. The filthy dissonance, crushing grooves and high octane inharmonious guitar grunts on “Burnout” invite an auditory conflagration into your ears and into your blood. It’s hard to resist the temptation to engage in fisticuffs while listening to this song let alone this entire record. Bone Dance shows some degree of technicality and complexity aside from their metallic hardcore dirges. But it’s not overly technical and flashy like some bands like to be. “Conniver” is the first true “mathy” song on the record with jarring arrhythmic structures, screeching guitar slides and ferocious drum fills that rattle the soul. The track will crush the soul with its behemoth like breakdown at the end if the rapid display of chaotic riffs didn’t already. The rhythmic complexity continues in songs like “Children Having Children”, “Barren” and “The Skinny” but I will leave it to you to discover their ferocity on your own. Bone Dance also displays some catchy sludgy grooves on “Writhing in Ecstasy ” whose main riff oscillates around the track in different shapes and ultimately sees the band in a chugging, apocalyptic climax. “White Guilt” is another one of the sludgy tracks that begins with a soaring, echoing, haunting melodic riff that is like a siren song that will lead you to your ultimate demise. “White Guilt’s” monolithic chugs and rumbling bass at the song’s conclusion creates a bleak and grim atmosphere that I adore. As I said before, Bone Dance does not want you to survive this record. You will leave this thing battered, bruised and bleeding.

The only real complaint I had is that the slower tracks were all placed in the middle instead of being spaced out in the track listing. Having three sludgy, mid tempo tracks in the middle of the album really slow the album’s initial momentum down and begins to drag before it joyously picks back up on “Children Having Children”. But these things did not stop me from enjoying this album immensely. Bone Dance has proven they are brutal songwriters. They want to instill feelings of anger, disgust and desolation on this record and they definitely succeed. Bone Dance’s self titled album is a dripping with sweat, blood and grime and you will leave this record covered in the same. In short, this album is just badass.

Rating: 9/10

Label: Melotov

Release Date: October 2nd, 2012

Favorite Tracks: “Burnout”, “White Guilt”, “Children Having Children”, “Conniver” and “The Skinny”.

For fans of: Botch, Converge, Gaza, Norma Jean and The Chariot.

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