Burning Books: PIG DESTROYER Unleash In-Studio Videos Episodes 1 & 2


So as most of you know, the almighty Pig Detroyer have been hard at work recording their upcoming full length, “Book Burner”. This album marks a new point in Piggy D’s career in that this will be the first album they are recording with Adam Jarvis. There have been all kinds of skepticism by fans surrounding Adam‘s addition. I thought this would all be silenced when the band dropped their first single…

Well I was partly right. Most of the haters quickly realized that they had put their foots in their mouths, but there are still a few who still press on. Hopefully the rest of the fools are about to disappear because Relapse has uploaded the first two installments of PIG DESTROYER IN STUDIO SERIES!!!!! These videos are pretty awesome so far. Mainly because we actually get small clips of the new material! At the same time they are kind of lame though…. What sucks about them is that they were obviously filmed with a fucking smart phone :{ weak…

Anyway, continue after the jump to get yo mind grinded by the one and only PIGGY D!




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— Josh Huddleston

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