New Members Won’t Make Your Band Better: COLD CAVE Revamps Entire Line Up (Includes Members of AFI, SAMHAIN, THE MELVINS and THE BLOOD BROTHERS)


Have any of you guys ever heard of Cold Cave before? Well it’s the singer of Give Up The Ghost aka American Nightmares (Wesley Eisold) shitty new wave revival band. Some of you may like them, but I really can’t get into it. Either way, Wes has recently totally redone Cold Caves line up. The band now includes some heavy hitters of hardcore, punk and whatevers yesteryear.

The line up is as follows –

Wes Eisold (give up the ghost) – Vocals

Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers) – Guitar

London May (Samhain) – Drums

Hunter Burgan (AFI) – Bass

David Scott Stone (The Melvins) – programming


Cold Cave will start recording with their new line up soon… I bet they are still gonna suck… Check em out if you want…


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— Josh Huddleston





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