September Staff Picks: Eric Nguyen’s Three Albums of True Violence

Xibalba’s Hasta La Muerte

Originally introduced to these hardcore fellows through this MetalSucks Posting by the infamous Sergeant D, Xibalba’s “Cold” immediately shed my 666 layers of “internet metal nerd” as I subsequently discovered that I was indeed “moshing”. Xibalba are by no means a revolutionary new force in the extreme music scene. They are however the best at what they do and what they do is heavy fucking metallic hardcore. Xibalba’s latest album, Hasta La Muerte, is testament to that statement. Taking cues from the best of sludge and 90s death metal, Xibalba have made no doubt one of the heaviest albums of the year and possibly one of the heaviest albums in the history of the universe. Stream the album in full via Brooklyn Vegan here and be sure to pick up the record from Southern Lord here.

Like RatsLike Rats

Like Rats draw from an amalgam of old school death metal, black metal, d-beat, and crust to form a musical piece that encompasses all of those categories while still remaining original(maybe not too original) and unique. Listening through, one can hear pieces of Incantation, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel and Hellhammer through the infectious flowing brutality Like Rats has made out of their sound yet within these influences, there lies something that is utterly beautiful, something lost within the modern metal age of unoriginality and replication. Stream Like Rats’s self titled album in full via Decibel here and be sure to pick up this amazing record from Based God Dom AKA A389 Records here.

Sex Prisoner – Sex Prisoner 7″

I returned recently to the ultimate time waster of a site, reddit,  briefly during Breaking Bad’s summer run and stumbled across this ripping, nihilistic, and absolutely vicious powerviolence band through its powerviolence subreddit. Presenting a grindy and groovy version of powerviolence, Sex Prisoner will have probably end up being the soundtrack to your imminent suicide by cop as you hold up the local liquor pumped up on PCP and purple drank. Stream and download the free devastating 7″ below and if you enjoyed the record enough, pick it up from To Live A Lie here. Also, be sure to look out for To Live A Lie’s upcoming three way split between ACxDC, Sex Prisoner, and Magnum Force.

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