September Staff Picks: Lane’s Three Albums That You Will Hate

These three albums have been in heavy rotation in my car’s stereo and my headphones. These records have completely taken over my life the past week or so  and are extremely infectious listens. I am sure you will hate them but at this point in my life I could care less about you. Check them out you goons.

Swans-The Seer

The Seer is the pinnacle of Swans’ thirty year existence. This two hour long beast of an album aggregates elements of every musical outlet Michael Gira has been apart of and then some. The Seer is full of dark, eccentric, and enormous compositions that are filled to the brim with extensive instrumentation and experimental soundscapes. I seriously cannot stop jamming this record. Every time I listen I am still struck with that initial awe that I felt when I first listened to it. This is one of the greatest records to come out this year. Go check it out.

Modest Mouse-This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

I didn’t give a flying flip about Modest Mouse before listening to their first record, This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. After listening to this album I instantly became a fan of this band. This raw, emotional record was way ahead of its time. The band implores hear wrenching lyrics about social isolation and depression to the tune of brittle, raw jammy compositions that can span the length of seven minutes at times. The song “Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset” is really important to me for personal reasons and so is this record in general. I have been jamming this thing for a year now and I can’t seem to let it go.

Bone Dance-Bone Dance

Idaho hardcore act Bone Dance’s upcoming self titled record is an amazing display of raw and powerful ferocity. Each track on this thing is covered from head to toe with pure hate and the dirt of unmarked graves. It’s hard not to get rowdy when listening to this blood boiling record. The riffs range from heavy hardcore chord progressions, sludgy dirges and off kilter, complex and noisy riffs. Blasting this violent record after a terrible day at work is extremely cathartic. When this thing drops, so will you.

-Lane Oliver

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