Can I Break It Down: DEATH GRIPS Release New Track and Video Interview

Yuuuuhhhhhh, It’s DFGRPZ!! Visceral hip hop phenomenon, Death Grips, have made a B-side from their most recent album,”The Money Store” available for download via Adult Swim. The song is entitled “@Deathgripz” and is featured as the 13th track on Adult Swim’s “Adult Swim Singles Program 2012“.

The new track is exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Death Grips track.. It’s not like any of their other tracks and it’s a total fucking smanger! I’m not sure exactly why the track wasn’t featured on “The Money Store but I think I remember reading somewhere that it had something to do with their inability to clear the Geto Boys sample. It kind of sucks that the song wasn’t on the album because it’s better than a few of the weaker tracks on TMS…

DFGRPZ also just released their first video interview which you can view here. Don’t get too excited seeing how it’s nothing really special; just Zach Hill briefly trying to articulate their style of music. I mean it’s still worth watching though. I really really wish Zach would have dropped some info about the groups second release of 2012 “No Love Web Deep” though.

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— Josh Huddleston

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