EL TEN ELEVEN Release New Music Video

Instrumental duo El Ten Eleven have released a new music video for the edited version of their new single “Yellow Bridges”. The video that accompanies the trippy, upbeat electronic fused rock ditty shows a computer generated forest disassembling itself and forming machine like apparatuses. It’s very well done. The song appears on their seven inch Yellow Bridges single which features the full song, a b-side and the music video edit of the track. All of these can be streamed below along with the music video


“Yellow Bridges” will also make an appearance on the band’s upcoming record, Transitions, which is due out on October 2nd. Here is the track listing for the effort:

  1. “Transitions
  2. “Thanks Bill”
  3. “Yellow Bridges”
  4. “No One Dies This Time!”
  5. “Birth”
  6. “Tiger Tiger”
  7. “Lullaby”

As of right now you can stream the track “Thanks Bill” on the band’s bandcamp. Check out that track below and be sure to pre-order the album while you are at it. This album sounds promising and groovy. You will dig it or your money back. Maybe….

-Lane Oliver

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