GLASSJAW To Release Long Awaited DVD; Preview Available


A few months back Long Island post hardcore phenomenon, Glassjaw, premiered what is thought to be an upcoming live dvd at their “specialfuckingevent” As in normal Glassjaw fashion, there isn’t much to report about a tentative release date or what the dvd will even feature beside a live performance of the band at The Forum in London.

However you can currently pre-order a CD/DVD version of Coloring Book which will feature a section from the upcoming full Glassjaw DVD. On the dvd portion of Coloring Book, you will see the band perform that entire EP from London’s The Forum. Luckily us impatient fans won’t have to wait two to three weeks for our copies to arrive in the mail because some awesome person has posted the Coloring Book DVD on Youtube before it even comes out… I love the webz…


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— Josh Huddleston


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