ummm yeah, you totally read that title right! Robotic Empire, you know the label that brought you awesome shit first like Isis, The Red Chord, Daughters, Cave In, Circle Takes The Square, Pig Destroyer, etc etc, is now bringing us a fucking Bone Thugs N Harmony vinyl!!!!! As someone who grew up listening almost everything that ever came out on Robotic Empire and utterly adores everything that Bone Thugs N Harmony has ever done (minus the song with Akon and the other song with Phil Collins), I can assure you without a doubt that this is a match made in fucking reefer heaven! This is so awesome that I really wanna find out how these two organizations hooked up.

The album is already available for streaming on Spotify, but A kickerstarter page has popped up allowing you to donate to/pre-order this incredible physical release. The stuff that comes with each payment package is very appealing to me… I’m not really into buying special edition vinyls, but a “purple haze” colored record that comes in a plastic ziplock bag sounds pretty sweet to me! Do yourself a favor, light up,  and watch the dope promo vid about “For Smokers Only”….

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— Josh Huddleston

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